15 Feb 2016

And Then We Should Be Afraid....

After a weekend of fear peddling by Dave Cummerbund and that Phil Hamm-und eggs, and their dire predictions that if stupid people insist, in sufficient numbers, on voting to leave the EU, all our kittens and little puppy-dogs will instantly die horrible deaths, I’m yet more inclined to hit the Leave lever come the time. Hay, you seen the mess those damn cats make of our garden? And the doggy do-do down the road’s decidedly disgusting.

The two below comments have been copied from this piece in The Guardian. Yeah, I know, but it’s interesting to read bits like this over there and to see, when comments are ‘allowed’, how far ‘off-message’ their readership is slipping – assuming the commenters aren’t plants of course. Is that an oxymoron?

Anyhoo, here are the two comments wot caught my eye. I do hope the commenters don’t mind me sticking ‘em up here.


Still not heard a valid reason for remaining.
Still voting out.
Hope many of you will join me.

25Thousander {In reply to johninmadeira999.}

Valid reasons for remaining:
What about:
1. we can massively increase our population through Europe's 'progressive' open door migration policy? That's got to be a good thing, hasn't it?
2. Relegate Westminster to a local authority status. We've all had enough of Westminster, haven't we?
3. Eventually be part of a bigger club that will include Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan etc. The more, the merrier, right?

Hope these help!

Quote;  Charles Stross.

“Europe has achieved peaceful political union for the first time ever: They're using this unprecedented state of affairs to harmonize the curvature of bananas.”

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