12 Feb 2016

And Then, The Fat Of The Land....

I spotted  an interesting comment this morning. Please note I specified ‘this morning’ and, it now being this evening, I have no idea where I spotted it. It’s a miracle I remember it at all.

Wait! What’s going on here? I just looked up from my screen and everything’s changed perspective! Ah-ha!! I see what’s happened; I’ve slid off the sofa again. I’ll re-group and be back in a moment.

This slip was one of those ‘Armageddon’ moments that sent me back so many years to the clip far below. If you’re a Timidadian, it’s not for you. If you do blunder on, you’ll see a picture of a burning match. Please be assured that this has nothing to do with the igniting of any tobacco products.

Right, that comment. From the little I remember it related to that BBC program, Question Time, and apparently a panel member went on and on about the proliferation of food banks. Seems we now have thousands upon thousands of ‘em as  a ridiculously huge, and ever increasing number of people can’t afford food.

The commenter was interested in the correlation between the strangely conflicting information we get fed {pun?}. On the one hand we hear from many un-elected rent seekers that food banks in this country are proliferating at an alarming rate and, spookily, on the other hand we are bombarded by the vociferous warnings from other un-elected rent seekers that the level of obesity in this country is escalating and reaching epidemic proportions. Interesting observation.

Yesterday I had occasion to phone the National Lottery. Pardon? No, nothing like that. I had a problem feeding the on-line account. Pardon? No, just one go per game and so far so bad; as expected.

Anyhoo, I encountered an error message during the funding frenzy and gave them a ring to clarify the error and amazingly found myself talking to a pleasant sounding lady first rattle out of the box resulting in the ‘problem’ being resolved right quick.

The nice lottery lady asked if there was anything else she could help me with and, as I wasn’t really firing on all jets, replied lamely, “No thanks, that’s all. Oh, could you give me the next winning numbers please?”
”Sorry, no I can’t.” she replied, “If I did that I’d have to share the money with you and I really don’t want to do that.”
I hope she could hear my smile.
The nice lottery lady closed with, “Goodbye and good luck with your draws.”
To which I replied, now firing on all jets, ”Thanks. I’m sure these new draws of mine will fit far better after a couple of washes. Bu-by.”

The sound of her smile made my day. As did finding this clip after all these years. Yes, it’s been featured here before but what the hay, it just never gets old. Whoa!! I told you before, it’s NOT for you Timidadians, okay? Move along.


Quote;  Sarah Spann.

“You got up off the bathroom floor. That’s a start. Now, just stay off the floor. After all—aside from winning the lottery—all any of us can ever really hope for is more days spent standing tall than spent in pieces on the floor.”

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