16 Feb 2016

And Then I Wonder....

First off, if you use Open Live Writer but haven’t for a while, open it and it’ll update to version 6 which reactivates the spell checker and the Category box to re-populate. How exciting is that then? And how did ‘they’ know I’d started the program? Spooky eh? You know wot? I’m going to put a bit of sticky tape over the camera. Pardon? No, I won’t use the clear stuff. Really, who wants to risk Jamie Olivetti peering at you and checking how many chocolates and other sugary comestibles you’re enjoying through the evening? 

This may be hard to believe, but I’m no expert on these EU negotiations young Dave’s busy with right now but from what I can gather it basically runs a little like this; early doors, he asked for some reforms to suit ‘us’. He was then told these needed amending and re-submitting. Later, after a little more moderating, these reforms were considered to be ‘good’ enough by some unknown fellows over there and declared acceptable to be presented to the heads of all the other countries for them to say yes or no. Is that about it? Pardon? Oh, right; for ‘moderating’ read, pronounced read, watering-down. That better?

In between Dave’s first batch of what he calls ‘demands’, he’s been at pains, at every opportunity, to insist that when his demands are accepted, as he knows they will be, they’ll be legally binding. Sadly, everyone else has been saying he’s telling porkies and nothing’s legally binding. The porky bit seems to have been confirmed yesterday – or was it today? -with some other very important unknown chap saying all the concessions, if accepted, can be turned round any time after we do that voting thingy. When it’ll be too late for us. Assuming we stay.

I get the spooky feeling that if Dave had been around at the end of the last war and had been put in charge of negotiating the peace that, despite winning the war, we’d have got, and all be living on, sweet Rockall.

Quote;  John F. Kennedy.

“We cannot negotiate with people who say what's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable."

             Francois FéNelon

“Most people I ask little from. I try to give them much, and expect nothing in return and I do very well in the bargain.”

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