17 Feb 2016

And Then Dryer Fires....

My little nest of vipers caught a much repeated item on the TV last night relating to cloths dryers and the alarming number of them that seem to be bursting into flames and causing great damage, as fire tends to do. Understandably, she was keen to know how safe we were with our drying.

What to do? Let’s Google the subject.

That I did and after extensive research over several minutes I was happy to report back to her that, assuming Google got it right, there was not one, not even one, reported instance, world wide, involving an outside cloths line adorned with drying laundry spontaneously combusting; thus I declared us to be safe.

This news, rather than reassuring her as I expected, produced that look that says, “There’s nobody in is there?”

She then went back to her puzzle book. An English puzzle book. Yeah, I know, it puzzles me as well...

As an afterthought, as the ol’ tumble dryer is a pretty power intensive bit o’ kit with millions of ‘em in use daily and as we’re looking down both barrels of ever diminishing electrickery production, could this sudden surge in tumble dryer fire scare stories be yet another nudge, nudging of people away from power hungry perceived fire-bombs and back to the basic, power saving line in the yard?

Anyhoo, just in case, is there a laundry safety awareness app out there? One that’ll run alongside the sugar awareness app? No? Quick!! Quick!! Someone, anyone, please hold my hand and lead me gently to my safe space!! 

Safe spaces? Sugar awareness? Give me strength. Funnily enough, that’s what they said sugar did when I was a kid...

Quote;  Rebecca McNutt.

“Have you ever noticed how as an adult, all the bright colours go out of your life? Now that I’m not a kid anymore, things always look grey, like a clothesline draped with laundry that’s been washed too many times and left to stand in the wind. I guess that’s what growing up is… it’s a fading photograph.”

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