18 Jan 2016

And Then The Cost Conundrum....

I’ve touched on this briefly before somewhere and that is that all the smoking and vaping Blogs and reportage in the press on the subjects always, relating to vaping, rotates back to the ban brigade’s idea that vaping will normalise smoking and kids who have decided to use electric cigarettes will enjoy it and thus move on through the mystic gateway to proper cigarettes.

It seems everybody, on both sides of the argument, continually quote the many and varied ‘studies’ conducted, for both sides of the ‘debate’, in support of their argument that it either leads to tobacco or it doesn’t. With graphs of course; but that’s only common sense. If, and it’s a big if for most of us, you follow the links to these studies and then attempt to make any sense of them, you’ll soon find you’ve wasted more of your time than if you’d chosen to watch Big Brother instead.

Why won’t a pro vaping advocate, with a platform, just ask the next anti they come up against one simple question when the anti states that vaping leads kids, or indeed big people, to smoke. And that’s the cost differential. Simples.

Over a relatively short period I’ve done one of they study thingies and my findings are aweso... as expected.

For my study, an unscientific study owing absolutely nothing to synthetic meta-analysis, I used some figures readily available on the Web-a-Net.

I buy liquid at £10 for four 10ml bottles thus £2.50 for one 10ml bottle. A further search suggests that one 10ml bottle is the equivalent to about five packs of smokes. Yet more research suggests an average price for one pack o’ smokes in the UK is £8 ish.

Are these banning bananas seriously saying that kids, on pocket money{?}, who vape are going to decide to drop a  £0.50 for twenty habit and pass through the mystic gateway  in favour of the  £8 for twenty habit? Seriously? Money has to be the simple rebuttal to the vaping gateway to smoking argument has it not? However, a money  gateway could be there for the reverse argument; from the real thing to vapour. Sorry, no graphs as I can’t find my crayons.

While I’m here, let’s not forget that, compared to tobacco, vaping is so much better for you. Whoa! Hold on just a fun lovin’ minute! According to the Puritans, Timidadians, banners of all things enjoyable, nothing, absolutely nothing, is good for you. Everything is bad, bad, bad and there are just varying degrees of badness, right?  So vaping is, allegedly, just less bad for you. And far less expensive. I rest my graphless research.

Quote;  Brooke Shields.

“Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life.”


A K Haart said...

The political problem with vaping is that it could help normalise individual choice.

Mac said...

A K Haart,
Individual choice? How very dare they!
An excellent point Sir - and the obvious one. Thank you.