29 Dec 2015

And Then There’s A Gateway....

Head Rambles has a post up relating to Puritans and that word they love so much, ‘normalise’; the usage of said word I attempted to tear-up a while ago in relation to the WHO and e-cigarettes. 

There is, however, another word that they’ve hijacked and are wont to use at the drop of a hint of a personal hate; ‘gateway’.

Everything anyone does, in the minds of the Timidadians, can be perceived to be a gateway towards something they have decided is jolly well bad. Even evil. These people are so twisted and scream ‘gateway’ so often that, eventually, the innocent gateway action will become as heinous an act as the act they declare the innocent act is a gateway to. And you just know, come what may, they’re going to keep moving the gateway.

I’ll stop there to re-normalise myself as I’m getting confused with wots good and wots not in ‘gateway’ world.

Talking of gateways, you seen this? It’s interesting to see the department in question is the Department of Energy and Climate Change. That, in itself, says so very much does it not? I say again, this is a country that had an empire? And it was built without door usage manuals? How could that be? Or do you reckon all that history stuff’s just made-up?

You still with me? I do hope so as I don’t want to be alone as the puritans continue to attempt to herd us towards the gateway of hell on earth.

Quote;  H. L. Menken.

“Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.”


Ripper said...

Mac, one thing I refuse to believe is that Puritans are 'twisted'. They know exactly what they are doing. Their use of buzz words such as 'normalize' and 'gateway' are in fact what is known as neuro linguistics, a concept first spewed forth from Common Purpose. Neuro linguistics is a tool to help them in persuading others to obey. Have you noticed the urgent, dramatic wording they use to describe none existent dangers? That is meant to frighten people into doing their bidding.

They do not care about your health or lifestyle. All they care about is that you get your nicotine fix from their specified dealer, thus keeping the trough full for them. They are not 'Puritans'. I favour Dick Puddlecote's definition - 'Trouser Stuffing Rent Seekers'.

Anyhoo, before the networks get clogged, we at Altzheimer's UK wish you a very happy Easter, and have a great 1983.

Mac said...

Thanks and I hope you don't mind, but I've moved your comment to front of house for the latest post.