31 Dec 2015

And The End Of That....

As 2015 comes creeping to an end, it was interesting to read this bit at The Counterfactual. Through the piece are links to various ‘news’-papers covering the ‘findings’ of this latest scary scientific research, all using headlines along the lines of, E-cigarettes are NO better than regular smoking: Devices can 'cause cancer even when they're nicotine FREE'  And with that headline, and some cut and paste, the inquisitive, questioning, thirst for truth investigative journalism ends. File the ‘story’, grab coat, say bu-by and head for the pub.

With someone in the comments alleging that those stop smoking patchy, gummy makers Phizzer, or whatever they’re called, may have partly funded the ‘research’, one has to marvel at the timing of the release of the scary ‘findings’ to the compliant MSM. I mean right before the new year when folk may be considering quitting tobacco and using an e-ciggy to do it rather than patches or gum. I mean, how spooky is that then?

I did like the comment below by Fleabag, nice handle by the way, which says much of what I’ve mentioned here a few times but far better. The truth is out there hidden between the two extreme arguments on any subject but you have to dig to find it. And how many bother? I bet the majority of folk out there are headline grabbers only. Surprisingly, the articles linked to through The Counterfactual piece, are allowing comments.

“What saddens me most is the lack of right to reply. As pointed out “junk science proves nothing” doesn’t make headlines, and the truth has no outlet outside of the blogs and social media that only the converted will see.
Of the thousands (perhaps millions) who have seen Knapton’s irresponsible headline, how many will see the real facts behind the story, and how many will decide against trying an ecig this new year?
For the record, I was one of the (civil) challengers of her story on social media today, and I was quickly blocked for it.”

As if by magic, the good Ripper has left a comment to a previous post that just must come to front of house as it fits well with this post. And you’ll love the last sentence;

Mac, one thing I refuse to believe is that Puritans are 'twisted'. They know exactly what they are doing. Their use of buzz words such as 'normalize' and 'gateway' are in fact what is known as neuro linguistics, a concept first spewed forth from Common Purpose. Neuro linguistics is a tool to help them in persuading others to obey. Have you noticed the urgent, dramatic wording they use to describe none existent dangers? That is meant to frighten people into doing their bidding.
They do not care about your health or lifestyle. All they care about is that you get your nicotine fix from their specified dealer, thus keeping the trough full for them. They are not 'Puritans'. I favour Dick Puddlecote's definition - 'Trouser Stuffing Rent Seekers'.
Anyhoo, before the networks get clogged, we at Altzheimer's UK wish you a very happy Easter, and have a great 1983.

Best wishes to you all for 2016, or whatever year or season you’re heading for, and especially to all those truth-seekers out there in Web world. My new year resolution? More a belief with regard to the BBC, ITV, Sky, all the ‘free’-press and any government spokesperson of any persuasion – even if they don’t actually speak; just the oft used quote below;

Quote;  Edgar Allen Poe.

“Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.”


Caratacus said...

My new year resolution? To love Big Br... ahem, our government more and more. Made up as it is of honest, wise and selfless people who have only our best interests at heart - I will accept this unquestioningly in the future.

Let's see how long that one lasts :-)

Happy New Year to you and yours, Mac.

Mac said...

Thank you Sir and right back at ya for the year ahead.
Great resolution! However, I'm guessing you've now seen the highlights of, or heard, dear Dave's and Jerry Carbine's New Years messages to us and, after digesting that drivel, must assume your New Years resolution didn't make through day one and is now lying in stamped upon tatters on the living room floor...

Ripper said...

A little something to tickle your fancy Mac, to go with these comments. Perhaps a contender for your 'stuff I like' menu.


Happy New Year to you and everyone, and here's to another year of your witty, comical and highly entertaining articles, written as only you can.

Mac said...

Thank you and likewise to you and yours; all the best for 2016.
A special thanks for your glowing words regarding this humble site and I'll sure do my best to keep you and others entertained during 2016. I'll be here if you'll be there.
Again, many thanks.