2 Jan 2016

And Then A Soldier’s Lot....

James Delingpole has a nice bit up at the Spectator relating to things he’d ban upon becoming our Dictator. I have to say there’s little I’d disagree with and I especially liked number 13; “All jobs with the word sustainability, equality or diversity in the title.”

It’s also hoped that, should he have a falling-out with some bad people some place while in power, he’d let his armed forces act in a way that both keeps his forces alive and helps to achieve a victory. Yes, this relates to the latest ‘news’ that can be found here. Comments are ‘Off’  but ‘On’ over here.

War is hell, right? We train ‘em, give ‘em big guns, point ‘em at who those in power have deemed  to be the enemy of the moment and then tell ‘em to be careful who they shoot or how rough they get as they could end up in gaol later. Really, what’s the point? Just let ‘em do the skiing and skydiving stuff instead.

I sure don’t condone torture and am, in fact, a victim of a form of torture myself as I’m married*, but if knocking seven bells plus out of an enemy prisoner could possibly help in locating and eliminating some pesky snipers who are repeatedly popping caps into your buddies, have at it I say. 

This news may well have unintended consequences as, in any future war, after ‘questioning’ a prisoner, I’d suggest the ‘questioners’ will be more than a little tempted to pop the prisoner to prevent said prisoner consulting with lawyers after peace broke out. And why not? What a waste of your time if you’d fought for your country, done all that was asked of you, done all you could to keep yourself and your buddies alive and made it home safe and some ex-prisoner of yours pops up years later, finds a lawyer and you end up in gaol** at home.

When you go to war there are occasions when your enemy is of a type that requires you to remove the soft kid gloves so beloved of the Timidadians.

*Joke alert!
**‘Gaol’ is how we spell jail over here. Pardon? Why? You’re asking me?

Quote;  George S. Patton.

“The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.”

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