3 Jan 2016

And Then, To B & Q And Back....

It’s a funny old musical world is it not? Firstly, Ripper your link is indeed going on the left. Twoly, you seen the B & Q DIY superstore TV advert? The music took me back a-ways and was soon found. It is, of course, Mr. Scruff and  Get A Move On. Or is it? Following a comment on YouTube I did a dod of digging and discovered it’s actually sequenced from a number by the late Moondog called Bird’s Lament. But I’m guessing you already knew that, right?

Both close enough to jazz for me. However, from Birds Lament I took another tentative step and fell right into Do Your Thing. If you don’t want to do that clicky on music links thingy, although the music is damn good, the word bits are below and make rather interesting reading don’t you think? If you want another, try I’m This, I’m That.

Do your thing!
Be fancy-free to call the tune you sing.
Don't give up!
That's not the way to win a loving cup.
Do your best,
and opportunity will do the rest.
Don't give in!
Capitulation is the greatest sin.
Do what's right,
what's right for you, to do with all your might.
Don't regret!
What might have been, you might as well forget.
Stand your ground,
and while you're standing there, be duty-bound.
Learn to wait,
and while you're waiting, learn to concentrate.
Make amends!
All enemies I call potential friends.
Calm your fears,
and hope to cope at least a hundred years.
Make your mark!
If need be, even make it in the dark.
Mum's the word!
My sage advice, pretend you haven't heard.

Quote;  Chet Atkins.

“When I was a little boy, I told my dad, ‘When I grow up, I want to be a musician.’ My dad said: ‘You can’t do both, Son’.”

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