28 Dec 2015

And Then Those Gifts....

Is it over now? It is over, right? Right, so time to review the gifts. It’s a competition isn’t it? Who’s spent the most? Who’s gift is the most expensive and the biggest? Her indoors got me a huge box of very fancy chocolates of which I managed to get three while my fellow sofa dweller hauled through the rest with the customary, “Just one more then.”

It’s a shame as wot I really wanted was a new high pressure washer for the paved areas front and back of the house. However, by a stroke of good fortune, that’s exactly what she got. How weird is that then?

The above is a joke, okay? I mean, who’d buy a woman a pressure washer for Christmas? Anyway, who needs two? She already got one for her birthday.

Seriously, just before the ‘buying and giving and buying yet more’ season kicked-off, we asked each other what we’d like. We couldn’t think of a damn thing between us and if you can’t think of anything you need then you’re old and really don’t need anything. Does that mean we have everything? Of course not, but add ‘we need’ then we’re pretty much in that fortunate position. And thus it came to pass that we just exchanged cards and cards only. By the way, I’m pretty sure my card to her cost more than hers to me did - and it’s a tad bigger...

Quote;  Anthony Robbins.

“Every problem is a gift - without problems we would not grow.”


A K Haart said...

We don't buy each other Christmas presents, but if either of us has a yen for something we don't really need we call it a Christmas present. We must be up to Christmas 2053 by now.

Mac said...

A K Haart,
Pretty much as we do. It's the way to go as I doubt I'll be in the best of shape to appreciate any gifts come 2053.