26 Dec 2015

And Then A Log....

Yesterday, mid afternoon, I thought to myself - and the other folk in my head at the time, “I do believe I’ll have a portion of that chocolate Yule log cake wot we got the other day.” We all agreed and also agreed the sentence was reasonably well formed so I repeated it out loud. Not too loud you understand. I also added an unrehearsed bit and asked her along the sofa if she’d like a chunk. This was met with spooky silence and a slightly guilty shifty stare. A stare suggesting that if I’d knocked, there’d be nobody home.


Taking this blankness as a ‘yes’ I prepared to the kitchen where I discovered the Yule log was either well hidden or well
missing. Called I to her, ”Where are you hiding that chocolate log lookin’ cake? Remember it? The really big chocolate dealy-bob?”
”I done eat it all when you shower yesterday afternoon.”

I took this information with a little disappointment and a big shock. Okay, it was only a Swiss roll dressed-up festively, but it was a big, thickly chocolate coated roll; close to big enough for a family of four for four feeds. This thus goes some way to explaining why that old circus tent I got her last year and modified into a dress, is starting to look a tad tight already.

Please note it was just a regular circus tent and not one of they huge three ring jobbies. Although on reflection...

Those floods are sadly back again and so are our intrepid TV reporters standing in water. One such reporter, filmed in front of a drain that was dramatically disgorging water, helpfully informed the viewers that the drain water was, “...coming up”.  He further clarified the situation by adding, “...from below.” Certainly gets you thinking don’t you think?

Quote;  Dave Barry.

“Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain.”

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