17 Nov 2015

And Then They Come….

A quick one tonight regarding the first refugee charter flight, yup a charter flight, arriving in Glasgow today. All I'm enquiring about is who will be there to greet them? Okay, a mob of happy-clappy greeters will be on duty, smiling and waving dementedly for they know not what but that's a given. I'm also assuming the usual suspects will be there competing to be at the front and in front of the news cameras, holding up their #where'smyrefugeefamily boards to collect the family or two they'll be giving full board and lodgings to; I expect this to include, but not be limited to;   Dave Cummerbund? Jerry Carbine? Kite Vaz? Yvette Pooper-scooper? Taser May? Mutti the Mekon? Jean-Claude Drunker? Benedict Cabbagepatch? Nick Griffin? Oh, wait a minute… 

So Dave, as has been mentioned here before, it seems your cunning plan is to let them come here then step up the bombing of their homeland wherein, most likely, still abide friends and relatives they left behind some time ago. Dave, you think that'll help towards them doing that all important integrating with the indigenous population thingy or make them a tad cross once they're settled in here? You thought this one all the way through ol' buddy? Didn't think so. You starting to feel you're a tad out of your depth? Didn't think so.

Quote;  Oliver North.

“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”


Caratacus said...

"Yvette Pooper-scooper" ... now that explains the expression on her face. And I thought it was due to her having to thrice boil her dear husband's nether garments. I had no idea that a dog had decided to take up her kind offer of sanctuary in one or other of their various (tax payer funded) abodes. Thank you for clearing that up ... obliged :-)

Mac said...

"Yvette Pooper-scooper" ‘Thanks for clearing that up..’ That's a pun, right?
Here’s something for the evening;