16 Nov 2015

And Then, Just Repeat It All….

The rolling news channels need to move on from the Paris outrages now don't you think? Please, let those poor folk go with dignity.

Personally, I've had it with 'journalists' standing in a street, reporting what is known then handing over to another
'journalist' standing in another street to repeat it all.

It's got so bad that less than an hour after that riveting TV showing the one minutes silence, they repeated it. Only to have it repeated a half hour later. How sad can it get? Man, I've just looked up from the keyboard and guess wot? One minute silence is being repeated…

I did catch a BBChild news reader, way back on the eleventh of November, right after the two minute silence for the war fallen, ask a reporter standing in a street how the two minute silence had been celebrated where he was. Celebrated? Yes, really, she did. What response did the child expect?
"Well studio child, for two minutes there was a carnival atmosphere here on this street with musicians, clowns, jugglers and TV reporters on stilts all cavorting round the war memorial having a high old time."

Why don't these twenty four seven news channels just present the news for fifteen minutes per hour with forty-five minutes of cartoons? Breaking news? Interrupt a cartoon. Easy. 

Finally, to end on a scary note, be brave, gird up your loins and click below for a frightening video featuring our new bestest ever friends. I'm not sure what gave me cause for concern the most; the hoards of our new bestest ever friends or the happy-clappy nut-jobs greeting them. Two sides to every story? Damn straight and the other side, featuring runny nosed kids being clutched by their frightened mums an' dads has been pushed relentlessly by our MSM so this is side two and trust me, your loins really do need to be girded up to their full extent and then some. Sleep well my friends.
Posted on Breitbart London.

{Note; the video jerked along for me as it didn't buffer too good. Possibly owing to server overload?}

Quote;  Toba Beta.

“News told, rumours heard, truth implied, facts buried.”

             Dave Barry.

“I would not know how I am supposed to feel about many stories if not for the fact that the TV news personalities make sad faces for sad stories and happy faces for happy stories. ”


Caratacus said...

A most harrowing video account, Mac; and as a father and grandfather I feel entitled to look a tad askance at the policies pursued by the intellectual giants in Yurp and our own hotbed of political excellence in W1. It's the little things for me that provide a profound commentary ... a week or two back a weary Greek shopkeeper was being interviewed by a lofty and disinterested soul from the Beeb Beeb Ceeb when he pointed to a Syrian couple who were tending to the needs of their young child. The father had removed from his son and heir a soiled nappy within the folds of which the young un had presented his lavish and noisome credentials. Without even looking, the father slung the offering behind him into the busy street. "As above, so below" as Jungian folk remark when a physical action mirrors accurately what is going on at a deeper level.

Warmington-on-Sea's Private Frazer and his oft voiced refrain springs to mind here ...

Mac said...

As these scenes must be known of by our ‘leaders’ and yet the influx continues unabated, even after the tragedy of Paris, one has to wonder what exactly is going on and what the overall plan and ultimate aim of it all is. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at one of their meetings. At the end of the meeting I’d probably end up being swatted but as those in power swat me aside daily out here, at least I’d be flattened knowing what the hay was going on. And why.
I see the first batch of ‘refugees’ arrive in the UK today - on a charter flight. Guess wot - the BBC’s all over it like the rash they are. I wonder if our government will supply charter flights from the UK if/when white flight kicks in big time?
I also see, over at Gates of Vienna, that a bunch of US State governors have rebelled against Back-foot O’barmy’s idea to take in and distribute ‘refugees’ throughout the USA.
Dark days ahead? Keep that bow oiled my friend.

Caratacus said...

Yea, the bow be oiled an' ready moi leige. Have even managed to produce some fine arrowheads from old teaspoons in the trusty Caratacus forge ...

Went up to the club field at the weekend and my 9 year old granddaughter is doing v. well - several golds at 30 yards and still shooting 'barebow' (no sights, stabilisers or any of that old bolleaux). Your humble correspondent managed to score 4 golds out of six in the final shoot at 50 yards with trusty old Benjamin J. Pugh (English longbow, 70lbs pull at 30"). I am secretly pleased that each of my children can ride a horse, climb cliffs, navigate by the stars, shoot a bow, light a fire, find food where there appears to be beggar-all and have achieved a basic competence in CQ combat. Now my g'daughter seems to be following the same path. The sadness is that I should have thought it necessary all those years ago to equip them thus.

Mac said...

Good for you Sir and for that, twice congratulations are due; for having the foresight to realise these dying skills could one day be advantageous, and for teaching them well.
For the vast, vast majority of the younger and, indeed, not so young, I believe they would be totally lost and at the mercies of the cruel world in general if they were parted from their smartphone’s for longer than a mere moment in time.