15 Nov 2015

And Then A Storm….

After the horrors of the weekend I'd almost forgotten the met office were predicting our first named storm, Abigail, would wreak havoc of biblical proportions on the UK. I was reminded of this when I dropped into Nourishing Obscurity this AM and ran right into something I was in need of; a little light relief. Such was the light relief, I found myself smiling out loud and depositing coffee on the keyboard. I then reverted to form and proceeded to steal the funny bits, an act for which I'm truly ashamed and thus  apologise most profusely but, in my defence, there are times when temptation, try as I may to keep it at bay, wins the day and this was such a time and I just had to have it. It's still making me smile…


Please bob back there, to save me the embarrassment of nicking anything else, to see the latest offering entitled; Now, down to important matters: 

Lastly, I see Grandad doesn't type a Blog anymore. I know, it alarmed me for a moment but it transpires he just doesn't like the word 'Blog' and I have to agree.

He's settled on referring to his musings as a journal after exploring a few 'new speak' ideas such as a "webjou" or "webnal", a "joumet" or "netnal".  Sir, how about calling it a 'weeja? Hello? Knock twice if anybody's there…

Okay. How about this then. Am I correct in saying 'Blog' is derived from Web-Log? If so, why not start a new abbreviation from the 'W' end? Instead of Blog, let's call it a Wo… Oh, right, scrub that idea then. You know what? Journal sounds, like, totally awesome to me. Innit?

Quote;  Terri Guillemets.

"Weather is a great metaphor for life — sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, and there's nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella or choose to dance in the rain!"


Grandad said...

I think I just wet myself over Abigail! [Taken out of context that comment could be misconstrued?]

I did think of Grandad's Online Diary [or GOD for short]. That could lead to some interesting site titles? "The Word of..."? Could have possibilities?

And stop asking me if I'm a robot! I'm not. I think..

Mac said...

Abigail will keep me smiling until next spring when I emerge from hibernation.
Breaking news!! Storm Barney is on the way!! I kid you not.
GOD? A tad pretentious you think? Seeing as you’ve settled for Journal, I and myself are both toying with the idea of renaming my place The Foggy OCJ with OC taken from;
old codger - 'An eccentric but slightly amusing old man.'
Meaning I’m not yet a GOM - 'grumpy old man.' Not yet, although, as you rightly observe, repeatedly having to declare I’m not a robot may accelerate my journey towards the need to use GOM or worse...