18 Nov 2015

And Then, Full Alert….

To elaborate somewhat on my dental check-up of nine days ago, one week to the day of that 'check and clean' visit  a small lump of a small tooth way over on the top right – that's my right as I look out, broke off which is my general experience of check and clean visits. Back to the dentist yesterday and, yet again, there was a new dentist there. A very attractive young lady of middle eastern appearance, wearing a huge headscarf. 

This being the Monday after that weekend, ol' Foggy went into full alert mode noting the placements of all sharp stuff and weighty portable items within easy reach. I sat, and as my mouth slowly filled with equally pointy stuff, I tensed up into a coiled spring ready to leap, geriatric Ninja like, at the first hint of hearing anything remotely sounding like, Ali's Snack-bar.

My misgivings proved unfounded and all proceeded as intended. At the end, whilst I wondered how I could best shake the coils out of my over-coiled old body, the dentist explained that it wasn't a chipped tooth but a very old filling that had given up the ghost and to see how this new one held up.

I asked what the options were if it failed again and suggested that, owing to its position, an extraction could be considered. I concluded this idea by stating that the loss of an all but invisible tooth would in no way diminish my boyish good looks and what did she think? This brought forth no thoughts but the expected gales of laughter from the young lady dentist and her young lady dental assistant.

Once they'd stopped laughing, I put on my hurt, slightly hang-dog face and told them how hurtful I found their laughter and so, in line with modern world views and values, I would be considering legal action against her, her assistant and the dental practice for their cruelty towards me inflicted by their mirthful denigration of the high esteem I previously held myself and my boyish good looks in. Also for the mental anguish I'll now be enduring regarding  the possible need to update my social media profiles to 'Unattractive Old Man'. I concluded by stating that such is the mental stress I now feel, brought on by their cruel and inconsiderate laughter, I doubted I'd be able to sleep for a week.

Man, you should've seen their faces!! It was then my turn to laugh; then we were all laughing; then it was time to go on my merry way. I'm sure the rest of their day was a lot lighter.

Note; I did, as previously documented back in 2013, start with having to answer that old, "Do you smoke?" question which I answered thus;
“Do you smoke?”
”No I don’t. But if you feel it’d be beneficial, I have no problem with starting.”

Quote;  Jane Wagner.

"Reality is the leading cause of stress for those in touch with it."

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