21 Nov 2015

And Then The News….

I'm not like, totally sure if I heard this correctly as I was only listening to Today the other day with half of one ear as most of my listening power was tuned into, and waiting for the happy sound announcing morning coffee was ready. However, it sounded like the BBChild was interviewing some fellow regarding security. The bit that I'm pretty sure got through the half of my one auditory orifice that wasn't listening for coffee, was the BBChild exclaiming something along the lines of, "Do you seriously think an incident like Paris could happen in London?"

Was the presenter not aware of the goings on in London back in July 2007? Could she not remember poor Drummer Rigby?  Is this type of, one would assume deliberate, 'forgetfulness' just following instructions from way upon high as a way to airbrush history so that everything is 'new' to today and thus keep a lid on any possible accumulated anger and backlash? I can understand why they would wish to do that and it's probably best to settle for that reasoning because if you start thinking for any other reasons behind what's going on in the 'news', you could end up in a very dark and scary place.

Wouldn't it be easier for the MSM, upon hearing of breaking news which runs contrary to their 'on message' terms, to just announce five festive days of continual omnibus editions of EastEnders and Celeb Big Brother and such?  Myself? I'd go for marshal music…

Remember late last night when all the EU country leaders were promising to 'seek out these bad boys where-ever they are' and vowing not to be cowed or intimidated by them. 'They will not win; we will not be beaten; life will go on as normal.' Then we wake up and hear the news that the Prime Minister of Belgium has closed the capital, Brussels, for the weekend. Oh, and if you were heading off on holiday to Mali, or as newsreaders have now made clear, Marlii, in the next few days… Wot? Really? Well, the news says it's closed for the next ten days.  All-in-all, I'm not too sure who won that round…

Anyhoo, I'll see you tomorrow although it's quite possible  that even today isn't actually happening.

Quote;  Steve Maraboli.

“The bad news is that yesterday sucked. The good news is that yesterday is gone. Today's a new day. Own it! Shape it! Live it!”

             Lord Northcliffe.

"News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising."

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