24 Apr 2015

And Then A Little Beach Party….

The weather is still good to great here thus the quietness. Even if the weather was bad I'd be quiet as voting time gets excitingly close and I'm drinking in all our would-be leaders are saying to me and you know what? Yup. Nothing. Just words, the sort of words and promises you spout to a naughty kid to elicit a period of peace and quiet.

I have a theory so prepare yourselves for a moment of tin foil hatishness.

All the main parties are making grandiose promises that only Wetherspoon frequent flyers would ever believe could be kept. But what if the main political parties were all in cahoots promising the undeliverable to maintain this neck and neck race. Then, the day after the election, there's no party with a clear majority so all types of weird coalitions are announced followed with them all declaring that, owing to this sorry state, no promises or manifesto items whatsoever can be delivered by any of them and thus, to  save confusion and in the best interests of the country, they're handing over almost all legislative powers to their bestest friends in Brussels. Job done!! Run up the blue flag!!

Enough. If you want a little kicker to sent you happily on your way out tonight, try the track below. I realise most of you won't click the video, of those that do a huge percentage will give up after mere seconds and a minute number of you will let him play and, later, venture out with a skip in your walk.

Its amazing that one guy with a sound deck can, it seems, make a quarter million people smile. If I'd been there I'd of been late and so way, way out of it. I believe the technical term for that is 'stuck right at the very back'.

Warning to Timidadians!! There's a split second showing someone with the temerity to be smoking so feel free to listen but please don't look.


Quote;  Samuel Butler.

"Oaths are but words, and words but wind."

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