21 Apr 2015

And Then A Break….

Sorry for the quietness the past few days…. You what? Hadn't noticed? I can relate to that.

Anyhoo, the reason, should a reason be required, is that the weather here has been really nice so it seemed wrong to be sitting in front of a computer screen. Instead I've been sitting behind a steering wheel as we venture through our highways and byways.

Yes, I hear you, but it wasn't all just sitting and driving. There was also lots of walking to be had.

The walks? You want to know about the walks? Hostelry car-park to hostelry eating area. Oh, and back to car after partaking of nosebag as there's more fine fried food to be had just over yonder hill.

Normal nonsense will resume when it rains.

Quote;  Noël Coward.

“I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.”

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