17 Apr 2015

And Then The Answer Is….

If that thing I used to have quite a bit of but now only have fragments left, memory, serves me almost right, I ran into this at Guido Fawkes and thought… No, sorry, forget that bit; that's a step too far.

Anyhoo, it features, from some time ago, Never Ready Eddy answering a series of questions. This clip is brilliantly put together and is absolutely spot on regarding how our betters answer a series of probing questions.

You may well have seen it before but  never mind, go on, click, you'll love it.

It's so true isn't it? Whatever happened the day before, suitable answers are prepared and punched into their heads RAM so they're all kitted out ready to 'answer' any questions as soon as they step out their front doors.

What we really need is a cleaver, dedicated media hack who could hack into their on-board RAM, right?

Quote;  Peter Nelson.

“I used to think I knew all the answers. Then I thought I knew maybe a few of the answers. Now I'm not even sure I understand the questions. Nobody knows anything.”


Anonymous said...

HI Foggy,

I think I understand everything that you are AGAINST, just from reading your blog.

But, (i knoe, you can't start a sentence with "But", but; What are you FOR?

After over 50+ years "on this miserable planet" and never having voted in my life (really, not once, e.v.e.r.), I am coming to the conclusion that it is time for lunatics to be relieved from their control of the asylum.

Now, here's the quandary; to paraphrase Marx (Groucho, not Karl), "I would not want to be a member of any club that would accept me".

This leaves me with a fairly simple choice: I will not vote, so : It's not my fault what happens next.

Non of the mainstream parties represent me - there is no Laissez-Faire, small-government party in UK politics to represent me - every party wants to reach out and fix some error in our character or our circumstances.

I have a manifesto (which would not stand up to the character assassination of those who would kill the messenger just to kill the message), so, where do you suggest I turn?, what's the alternative?

Mac said...

Firstly, you say you can’t start a sentence with ‘But’? But I do it all the time; and ‘And’. Damn!!

Secondly, to answer your question in a non-answer, political sort of way, I honestly have not got a clue.

Mr Mirage would seem to be the closest to what the likes of you and I would like, but still falls way far short of the real deal.

As you rightly say, there’s nobody out there willing to get power, take care of proper, grownup business then leave the people alone and stop foisting other,'We know best' totally unnecessary pettiness upon us.

All we can have is a little hope, although hope’s a long way out o’ town right now, and you could try doing as I do and hide behind the humour of the whole sorry mess. It really is laugh or cry. Having said that, there’s stuff going on out there that makes me laugh so hard the tears run down my leg.

Vote? You must vote and this method seems to be gaining traction. Take a pen along with you and draw in another box at the bottom, put your X in that box and write alongside, 'None of the above'. I believe it’s classed as spoiling your ballot paper but doing so with a message and a great sense of personal satisfaction.

Caratacus said...

It's always best to take your own pen (marker/indelible, chisel edged, black, one, for the use of) because it's not unknown for the buggers to interfere with slips that have been pencilled or otherwise faintly impressed.

I tend to agree with Anon in this but will probably be holding my nose and voting UKIP as it is the only party dedicated to getting us out of that undemocratic and corrupt pile of ordure represented by the phrase, 'the European Union' (aka EUSSR). But I rather suspect that matters have gone too far now and this island is now filled with people who are apathetic, ill-advised, unlettered, or with foreign roots and ideals (nothing wrong with that, but definitely not British). The Grey Men have won and all we can do is protect our own in a kind of rearguard action as circumstances dictate.

I'd better shut up now ... :-)

Mac said...

Taking your own pen certainly ticks one of the boxes..... oh dear.

As you say, UKIP are almost there but, as you also say, the indigenous voting population is so poorly educated, informed or concerned and unconcerned with becoming concerned as long as today is going along okay, and also so diluted that given a vote the chances of ‘Out’ winning is pretty remote indeed.

Yes, take care of your own and yourself and avoid, as far as humanly possible, any chance of any government, in all its many guises, interfering with your life. Tough one I know.

Finally Sir, don’t ever shut up as that’s tantamount to hoisting a white flag.

With regards hoisting flags, please don’t EVER hoist a flag without firstly doing a full risk assessment to cover all health and safety aspects of said flag hoisting and flying. And please ensure you’re in possession of, and fully conversant with, your local authority rules and regulations as to the displaying of flags. You should find information relating to white coloured flags in Flag Regulations, Volume 6, Section 249 Sub-section 344. You will also need to contact your local authority Flag Display Community Liaison Officer before proceeding with any hoisting. A fee, payable in advance and non-refundable, is required for this service. Doing all the above is really just common sense.

As I hit the last full-stop above, a UKIP flyer came flying through the letter box. How weird is that then?

Caratacus said...

A most unworthy thought sprang to mind in the matter of hoisting white flags ... fired, no doubt, by memories of schoolboy stories (immediately post-WW2) relating to the battle worthiness of various nations' armies. French and Italian, that's all I'm saying ... always best to go to the experts!

Mac said...

I think having your main armament facing rearwards is the way to go. Is that a sort of pun? Also tanks with three reverse and one forward gear is a definite ‘winner’.
I bet you remember the terrible comment someone made shortly after the tragic Concord crash all those years ago: That was the day the French managed to kill more Germans than they did in two world wars. As I said, terrible.

Caratacus said...

That's alright, Mac. Many years ago my brother - who, at that time, knew I was always on the lookout for SWB HGV trucks - rang me to say that he had a couple of possibles that could be of interest. I had to keep the info under my hat, as it were, because said lorries had just fallen off the back of a ferry. It was 1987 and the Herald of Free Enterprise had just sunk off Zeebrugge ... black humour of stellar light-gathering black hole proportions.

Mac said...

The news stated that the Herald sinking was most likely caused by the car doors being left open. A very young lady, upon hearing this, asked how a ferry could possibly sink just because someone left their car door open....