25 Apr 2015

And Then An Indian Campaign….

I have to say I do like Indian music and this piece is a definite contender for the number one infuriatingly catchy sing-a-long-a-song of this election. You may find the sing along bit a bit tricky but if you grit your teeth and just stick with the 'David Cameron' chorus you can, indeed, join in. On reflection, just insert the political party leader's name of your choice.

Dave, good luck with your Indian campaigning young man but when you come back here, assuming you want to, please remember to take that little blue thingy off your head, okay? Good boy. Oh, and put your shoes an' socks back on and get that nasty spot on your forehead seen to once you're back in the land of the fabled NHS.

Say what? He's back already and has been for some time? Damn! Sorry  about that; I had absolutely no idea.


Quote;  Rahul Gandhi.

"If I am incompetent, I am useless, the people of India will see that."

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