26 Apr 2015

And Then 'Cheap' Shopping….

It's been high in the news over recent months how the discount supermarkets are 'hurting' the big players to the extent that the bosses of the big boys, at their annual meetings, are limiting their speeches to the old favourites, lessons learned and looking to the future and only announce the financials as they leave the stage. Quickly.

Shortly after moving back to the UK, not that many years ago, an Aldi opened not too far away and one day I took a run up to check it out.

The first impression was of a totally empty car-park. I parked, fully expecting to return to find my motor surrounded, and approached the automatic doors with caution not wanting to flatten my nose on locked glass. Nope, the store door was open. And deserted. I mean deserted.

I collected a few items, all involving chocolate as best I remember, and then had to roam the store for many minutes calling, "Hellooo" to find a member of staff to check me out. Well, check my shopping out actually.

And now? You're lucky to get parked first drive round. Those suckers are now full.

The point of this post? This is the point of this post.

If you use these discounters, and why not? I'm sure you've noticed the increasing number of affluent looking folk shopping in these places. Folk who, truth be known, wouldn't wish to be seen dead in such emporiums.

Have you noticed the furtive way they shop? Eyes constantly scanning for friends or neighbours and ready, at the first sign of such, to make a dive for the centre display of 'when it's gone, it's gone' electrical goods and grab a jigsaw.
"Oh, hello. I just have the one job to do, saw this saw advertised in the paper and thought that'll do and it's so cheap I'll just throw it away when I'm done. What on earth are you doing in here?" Asked just the polite side of sneeringly.
"I'm er, I'm…. Ah there it is. That little spot welding thingy!"
"What're you welding then?" Looking for a trip-up.
"Oh, just some stuff. Must run. Bu-by." Looking for the exit.

And at the checkout if they manage to actually get what they really want? Now you have to pay attention here as the queues move at the speed o' light compared to the big boys queues, it all goes into Waitrose bags or such, the better to offload from the car back in their leafy hood. How sad is that?

To put it all into perspective, how sad am I that I notice this and that it amuses me no end.

Quote;  ??

"Shopping tip:  You can get shoes for 85 cents at the bowling alley."

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