28 Nov 2014

And Then That Speech….

I thought Dave did good today with his much hyped speech. I must admit I wasn’t expecting a speech about various benefits people could claim that, in years to come, assuming he gets the okay, people won’t be able to claim as I thought it was going to be about a cunning plan to curb uncurbable immigration.

Nevertheless it was a master-class in looking sternly resolved while his mind was obviously wrestling with wonderment at what all the words, wot had been writ down for him, actually meant.

He – can I call him ‘he’? – also demonstrated superb use of the increasingly popular, politically correct use of the loosely clenched fist. As recommended, he had his thumb protruding the perfect three quarters of an inch over the top of the second knuckle of his index finger so as to be available for stressing insincere points, by jiggling the fist up and down in time with his words, without appearing to be pointing threateningly{?} at anyone. Well done you.

Meanwhile, Professors of Linguistics and experts in the field of subliminal messaging are busily re-playing the speech, over and over, in an attempt to figure out what genre the speech should fall into. Will it be classed as a speech with a ‘cast iron’ promise? Is it of the ‘no ifs, no buttery’ type? Or will it just be classed as a run of the mill, ‘Well, I think…’ jobby. Only time will tell.

Quote;  Amit Kalantri.

“To assess the quality of thoughts of people, don't listen to their words, but watch their actions.”

            Israelmore Ayivor.

“Good communication has just a little to do with eloquence. It's character that makes it more successful. Harsh words nicely articulated are sharp enough to kill your brand!”

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