18 Nov 2014

And Then, Let’s Give It Away….

I noted a couple of days ago that young David Cummerbund has pledged another eye-watering amount of our money to yet another fantasy scheme. When I say ‘our money’ what I mean is it used to be ours but it was taken off us so now, I’m guessing, it belongs to Dave to do with as he pleases. Whether wot he does pleases us or not matters not a jot. As this money will be given away one can only assume everything here’s fixed and this money is now surplus to requirements. Pardon? No? Oh.

It gets better. The fantasy scheme in question? Let’s give it to poor countries to ‘assist’ them with coping with the fantasy of  climate change.  In essence, this means helping poor countries to either remain poor or get yet poorer.

Dave, here’s a cunning plan. Let’s keep and use the money here.  This will work in a couple of ways. It’ll cut out the possibility of huge amounts of this further ‘aid’ money from ol’ whitey getting skimmed off by the bad fellows over there. We do, however, have to accept that similar amounts will, undoubtedly, be skimmed off over here but at least it’ll be our very own home grown skimmers skimming, right?  Secondly, if you ensure Crazy Davey uses  what’s left of these many millions on the most outrageously goofy green initiatives imaginable, eventually we’ll be as poor as the poorest countries out there and thus we’ll all be on a level, all be it uncomfortable, playing field.  Job done!!

To butcher yet another John Sandford quote, “If Mr Cummerbund had been a lightbulb instead of Prime Minister, he would’ve been about a twenty-watt.”

Quote;  Imran Khan.

“A country that relies on aid? Death is better than that. It stops you from achieving your potential, just as colonialism did.”


A K Haart said...

Instead of cash Dave could have handed over some of our windmills.

Mac said...

That would work! Also sent the concrete footings as a 'bonus' then all the recipients would have to do is dig big holes and pop them in! Jobs created over here digging 'em out and filling in big holes and jobs created over there digging big holes. Win - win!