21 Nov 2014

And Then, That’s Two….

Well, there you go Mr Cummerbund; proof, if proof was needed, that you couldn’t hit a by-election with a kitchen sink! Despite the size of the target and hurling the sink several times, you missed. Time to stop romping around like a kitten with a ball of wool and try to come up with a proper plan you think? Yeah, I know.  Well done You KIP and party hearty - again!!

Dave? Ed? Nick? Heeelloooo, Nick! Where IS that pesky boy? Never mind. Dave, Ed, you familiar with the phrase, ‘Don’t rock the boat’? Well, can you feel that very, very  gentle swaying motion? That’s your comfortable, select gravy boat slowly starting to rock.

Today the radio and TV news and comment programs have been overflowing with representatives of the ‘main’ two political parties stating, from their parallel universe, how well they did and how pleased they were with their respective parties showing and how it was all coming together as planned. Come on, please, you lost; accept it gracefully and let’s hear more about the lessons you’ve learned, how we’re all in it together, you’re listening to us and that you feel our pain. Okay, that last one may be a step too far.

The other morning I was lucky enough to catch Crazy Davey on my radio….. actually, if I had caught Crazy Davey on my radio I’d have popped him in a weighted sack and dropped it off a bridge at black o’ dark o’clock. What really happened is he was talking on the radio I was listening to at the time so he was, sadly, out of my reach.

Anyhoo, did you hear him? He was frantically justifying the hundreds of millions of that money stuff  ‘we’ are planning to give away to places far, far away for them to ‘fight’ that climate thingy. And let’s be perfectly honest, we really are giving it away.

All the stock shock statements were wheeled out by young Mr Davey; it’s getting colder ‘cous it’s getting hotter, wetter and dryer and the tide’s coming in right quick! You know what? Not once did the questioner question any of his stock shock statements. Not even a hint of, “Whoa! You say what now good buddy?”  Yup, it was the BBC.

Who in their right mind would dream of taking a boy with obvious learning difficulties, give him the exalted title of Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and leave him to play on his own totally unsupervised by a grownup?  And ‘they’ wonder why us out here are racked off with ‘em all.

Dave, there’s a general election in a few months so, for the sake of sanity, why don’t you stand Crazy against a wall and get some kitchen sink throwing practice in? Damn!! That won’t work will it? You’re right out there with him, right?

Quote;  Jaachynma N.E. Agu.

“Don't blow off another's candle for it won't make yours shine brighter.”

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