10 Nov 2014

And Then, An Energy Saver….

Continuing along the technology trail may I humbly point you all to a wondrous add-on for Firefox.

Firstly, a little background. This is just about the laptop not the big beast next door. Pardon? No, the big computer, not her indoors.

When I’m on the Google UK News page and I tap on a link, it opens in a new tab. Cool. However, if I then tap on a link in that tab it opens in the same tab. Okay, yes, I have tried every combination available in ‘Options’ to no avail but a work-round is to hold the ‘ctrl’ key as you tap then you open the link in a new tab.

Yesterday I found a very small Firefox add-on which goes by the catchy name of DblClicker or, to give its full title, DblClicker 1.7.6

You little beauty!! What a difference that sucker’s made to my life! Now, when I want to open a link in a new tab I double tap the link. How, like, cool is that then?

I no longer have to go through the tiring process of sending a signal to my left hand to bring it out of its state of idleness, move it to the keyboard, extend the index digit, ensure it’s over the correct key, press the key and maintain pressure while coordinating the right hand digit to simultaneously tap. If you’re ‘up there’ in years you’ll fully understand the the pitfalls involved with any activity that relies on anything remotely involving simultaneous actions.

All that exhausting mental and manual stuff’s  already just a dim memory of things past!! Like having to get up and walk, yes, walk, to the TV and press a button on the set to change channels!! It’s true, we really had to do that. The phone rings?  You had to actually get up and walk to the phone which was on a little table by the front door. Phones were always on little tables by the front door weren’t they? It’s now unbelievable that we put up with all that without complaint. And, surprisingly, survived.

On a serious note, considering all the palaver previously involved with pressing the ‘ctrl’ key AND tapping, just think how much exertion and stress induced panted out Co2 this will prevent! So life got yet more easy and, at the same time and as a huge bonus, I’m doing my bit to save the planet!!  I urge you all, you of an age, to install this gem and do your bit in reducing the concentrations of Co2 in all Northern sofa regions.  Really, how good can it get?

So now everything’s at arms length and I can roam the Web-a-Net with one less  button press. And that, my friends, is called progress. Really, how sad can it get?

Quote;  Arthur Conan Doyle

“I am somewhat exhausted; I wonder how a battery feels when it pours electricity into a non-conductor?”

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