8 Nov 2014

And Then, Stuff Gets In The Way….

I’m flat out like a lizard drinking right now with real stuff so haven’t spent much time where I should really be. Where should I really be? Why, on the sofa of course!

Anyhoo, following on from the previous couple or three boring posts, here’s another little bit of maintenance software for you to try. GeekUninstaller.  Works for me. It found yet more undesirable stuff which hadn’t  been made gone as other related bits had been made gone by other uninstall processes and these other bits then became invisible to the other uninstall but this sucker done did see ‘em and made ‘em gone via the ‘force’ request. I had to use the ‘force’ option as the uninstaller related to the other bits that got uninstalled thus leaving these other bits with no uninstaller. You get the gist of that? You did? Oh, wow!!

Okay, back to doing stuff out in the rain and the cold. I’m just waiting for the day….. Man, back in the day, I’ve sung that along with many a crew in countless sods operas round the world!!

Which, in turn, triggered a memory of being ashore far, far away with a bunch of the boys when a local asked what we did for a living. The reply offered by a guy, not wanting to admit to being a sailor, which will also give you an indication of the state of the ships I roamed in, “We travel in scrap iron.”

Which, in turn, triggered a memory of the old sailor saying, ‘She’s chatty but she’s happy.’

Quote;  Herman Melville.

“A whale ship was my Yale College and my Harvard.”

            Steven Wright.

“Someone asked me, if I were stranded on a desert island what book would I bring... 'How to Build a Boat.'”

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