4 Nov 2014

And Then, Another….

As this is probably another boring post, may I suggest that before you read on, click and listen to another classic from way back when. Enjoy while reading on. That is, if you are planning to read on.

If you’ve been following my computer trials and tribulations you’ll be aware that I got it all sorted. It transpired to be not too hard but, on the other hand, not exactly a breeze.

With everything running smoothly again, I went exploring and found two entries that, after investigation, needed deleting. So? So, although they were there they would not allow me to make ‘em gone. One was easy to find, but wouldn’t go away and the other was un-findable and went by a snappy name that seemed to contain, randomly, every letter of the alphabet. At least three times. Searches resulted in no returns.

Then, and this program could be of interest to some folk, I ran into Wise Registry Cleaner.  After further searching I downloaded the portable version in the probably false belief that if it contained anything nasty, it’d be ‘contained’ on a stick. So you’ll appreciate the word ‘wise’ doesn’t necessarily apply to me.

Anyhoo, what do the experts say about messing with the registry? In a nutshell, don’t. However, if you don’t mess with stuff, you don’t learn, right? I installed the program, no problems, and gave it a whirl. Man, that sucker found a whole heap of ‘junk’. What to do? Look along the top and, although I’d done an Export from Regedit, I found Wise offered a backup option so I done did a backup via Wise and with that confirmed, hit the button that indicated the errors would be fixed.

I can report it went okay and afterwards everything ran as it should and even the, ‘you’re not deleting me pal!’ stuff was gone.

Leave it there, right? Don’t fiddle with anything else, right? Right, so I looked in Wise settings and found an option for deep cleaning. However, this option was flagged for experts only! What the hay! Backup again and hit it I did. Man, that sucker found another whole heap of ‘junk’ and I made that go away as well. All with, at time of typing, no ill effects. All scanned an’ such and all results indicate a squeaky clean machine.

Would I recommend the software? It sure worked for me. Will it work for you and your registry? Surprisingly, I have no way of knowing so it’s your call people. If your machine is fine, why bother? But if you get infested or notice niggling problems then it may be worth giving it a spin.

Quote;  Mira Grant.

“There is nothing so patient, in this world or any other, as a virus searching for a host.”

             Chuck Palahniuk.

“How is it that you keep mutating and can still be the same virus?”

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