25 Sep 2014

And Then, Bombs Away….

I guess Dave Cummerbund will be donning his Biggles teddy-2-768x1024playsuit sometime this weekend and, with the blessing of Eddyband and the strangely missing young lad Leggy, announcing ‘we’re’ going to drop some bombs in a desert. Importantly, and this must be stressed, totally legally.

This weekend will most likely be spent finalizing the broadcasting of all relevant information, secret and otherwise, relating to these bombing raids to the enemy. The news channels have been doing their part with a bang-up job over the past few days informing the bad lads where our aircraft are based, their endurance and a full break-down of all the ordinance they are capable of carrying and the damage each device can inflict upon delivery. I see the BBC’s now letting everyone know where our stealth subs are and also, as a by-the-by, pinpointing our possible targets. Is that a plan or wot Dave?

We’ve covered our eyes and counted slowly to a hundred many times now so are we ready? Will our battle cry be, “Coming ready or not!!”?  The Daily Mash has a similar take on this.

Dropping bombs in the sand’s going to cost a bomb I bet and, while we do that, it’s interesting to read this bit relating to that guy, was-is-name, Clam, ‘Banged-up’, Chowder.

Dave, when considering a war, be it by bombing or boots, it’s a really good idea to first and foremost ensure your own country, you home base, is secure, safe and sound. You watching your back Dave? Better yet; you watching our backs Dave? Think it through Biggles. Think it through.

Quote;  William Blum.

“A terrorist is someone who has a bomb, but doesn't have an air force.”


A K Haart said...

"Think it through Biggles. Think it through."

He'll be okay in in his bulletproof limo. If another bus gets blown none of his class will be on it.

Mac said...

This is true. Sadly, probably all we can expect over the next X months/years are many hand wringing speeches starting, "All our thoughts are with..."