29 Aug 2014

And Now, Let’s Have A Rise….

Seems the terror threat level has been raised to, “He’s behind you!!” and Mr Cummerbund was on the TV reading out lots of words from pre-prepared pieces of paper. One bit he had to read out loud stated that terror organisations thrive where there’s political instability and weak political institutions…. Bet you gave the poor prat wot wrote that a good kicking after the show eh? At the end I felt immeasurably reassured – when he left the room.

A couple of points Dave. Passports; on Monday you’ll announce that you’ll introduce powers{?} to confiscate passports to stop folk travelling and also cancel the passports of the naughty folk who are already away. Dave, two minutes thought and you could’ve announced something along the lines of, “From the first of October we will confiscate the passport of bad fellows to prevent them leaving the country.” That’ll give ‘em a month to run. Then, on the second of October, you announce that away passport cancelling thingy.

The way you’ve done it Dave, if some fellow is so miffed he wants to travel to a far away place to hurt people to get it off his chest, how’s he going to feel after rolling up at the airport and having his passport lifted? Miffed enough to hurt someone here you think? Let ‘em go! Cancel passports when they get where they want to be. Think it through man.

The other point of interest was the bit about cutting off funding to all organisations that promote extremism. That must include ASH, that Public Health dealy-bob and all those green, environmental monsters, right?

Quote;  George Jessel.

"The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.”

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