8 Apr 2014

And Then More Threats….

I know all you chaps and chapses just want to get a ‘line drawn under’ this furore over one of your own being pilloried everywhere wot does pillorying, and for us all to ‘move on’ as ‘lessons have been learned’, so you really need it out of the headlines, but don’t you feel that wheeling out Willy Haguely to vaguely threaten to declare war on Russia may be just a tad over the top?

If it has nothing to do with that, well Willy’s another lad that needs to take a look at his old school atlas.

Willy, see our bit? Small is it? See that huge country to the east? No, east, that’s ol’ Big Fella Wet-Wet. Or as we know it, the Atlantic. East. Go east young man. Got it now? Right; that’s Russia. Big is he? And, although not marked on your map, just inside Russia is a really big valve that can shut off…… Oh, what’s the point. It’s all been said before. All to no avail apparently.

Remember Willy, while you’re trying to talk tough, there’s always an outside chance that the Russian guy may just say, “For crying out loud. Not Hague the Horrible again!!  Oh, what the hay. Let’s kick-off and get it over with.”

In other news the Environmental Audit Select Committee – you get that?  the Environmental Audit select Committee, has recommended that when that new, shiny High Speed 2 train finally fires up it should, in fact, go slower;   
“The maximum speed on the line should be cut from 225mph to 185mph to reduce carbon emissions.”

At least the ‘mental’ part of the good committees title jives. These politicians just make life funnier by the second do they not? After the next general election I’m betting things’ll speed up even more and get funnier by the ‘Mili’second.

Quote;  Benedict Cumberbatch.

“There’s so much in the 21st century that is stymied by bureaucracy and mediocrity and committee.”

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