6 Apr 2014

And Then They Call The Wind….

You know how the MSM, whenever one of our respected ‘leaders’ is caught doing something not quite illegal but not quite legal either, the phrase ‘snouts in the trough’ is always widely used in an attempt to shame the miscreant? Doesn’t work does it? They just keep on keeping on.

Then you get a comment like this over on John Redwoods Blog today that’s shocking in its simplicity;

Mike Wilson
April 5, 2014
You earn a pound taxable at the basic rate. You pay 20% tax and 12% NI on it. You get 68p. You spend the 68p on something that costs 57p + VAT. So, from that pound which you have earned and spent – you have given the government 43%.
That is the reality of our taxation system.
If you spend that money on petrol ……

Let that sink in then see how it sits next to that little girls goings-on, allegedly, with taxpayers money. You in the wind yet girl? Is that you stuck on a windmill? If not, and this is as bad as it gets, think yourself lucky and remember, if you were down here with us lot and simply forgot to pay for your TV license you’d quite possibly be on your way to gaol about now.

Anyhoo, I say let’s cut all the ‘snouts in troughs’ stuff, it’s so derogatory and must hurt their feelings terribly, and just refer to the money they take from us by any and all means open to them, as their personal Piggybank. ‘Piggy’ hits the spot for us when we choose to rant and roar and ‘bank’, I’m sure, will work for them. That should cover it.

Another comment that made me smile, the location of which I’ve lost so cannot accredit it, went something like this;
The way David Cameron has handled this sorry affair has divided our family. My brother says Cameron hasn’t got the brains of a Bullfrog. I disagree; I believe he has.

Well Dave, you scallywag, how’s that ‘…..clean up Westminster sleaze’ jobby working out for ya? Where’s it presently sitting on that list of ‘Stuff I promised to do but just can’t be bothered’?

As an addendum, here’s a ground-breaking Foggy idea for those who would govern over us to consider.

Are you ready to consider this? Well, consider when one of you does get caught bang to rights and the trial ends with the Judge declaring things like the sentence must fit the crime; the full weight of the law and then deferring sentencing ‘till tomorrow and closes with these terrifying words, “Be in no doubt, you will be handed down a custodial sentence. So bring an overnight bag with you.”

This just makes us laugh out loud and it must embarrass you top people, right? So why not, when one of you looks like getting to serve time, don’t you draw a name from the electoral roll of your constituency and that person can do the gaol-time for you by proxy!!  The full time; no remission at all!! The lot!!  Just a fine? Pay it yourself with funds from the Piggybank.

This will give the selected lucky proxy-time serving person an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing for their sacrifice towards the greater good of the country by enabling you to continue, unhindered, your tireless work for hard working families.

Yet another Foggy winner of an idea that could be utilized, over time and education, possibly a new ‘subject’ taught between Man Is Cooking The Globe and The EU Needs You, for so many diverse wrong-doings by our masters, all followed, upon the release of the proxy-server, with the awarding of a Citizens Sacrifice badge to be sewn onto our overalls. Just imagine the ensuing excitement amongst the masses waiting to hear who’s been selected for proxy punishment this time as we all try to be the first in our zone to have the full set of badges!! Man, I’m excited already!

Quote;  Mark Skousen.

Taxation is the price we pay for failing to build a civilized society. The higher the tax level, the greater the failure. A centrally planned totalitarian state represents a complete defeat for the civilized world, while a totally voluntary society represents its ultimate success.


The Filthy Engineer said...

Would it not be cheaper to just hang them? Lamposts are abundent and I've a whole garage full of piano wire.

Mac said...

I can relate to that. Only reservation I'd have is that piano wire would be a tad too quick....