10 Apr 2014

And Then I NEED A New Printer….

With great excitement, I did the Windows 8.1 Update 1 last night and I’m delighted to report it went without incident. The changes? I’ll get back to you when I spot ‘em.

After confirming all was well with Windows I did a bit of Blog checking. After my daily read of The Slog, I read it again and then a couple more times. Going by that article, forget fancy Windows, what I really, really need to get my paws on is a 3D printer!!

This is a taster;

“But what they can all do is clone manufactured products – in your home or garage – at the cost of nothing more than the layers of 2D printing medium required to build up the shape and produce a finished product. You need never buy anything again.And theoretically – once you have access to 3D – you won’t need to work that hard, because you won’t need much money any more.”

If that bit sounds kind a cool, read the whole thing and you’ll see it gets a tad scary. This stuff can’t be right, can it?  It’s a joke, right?  What next, stealth chickens? Enough already; I’m off to print dinner.

I believe everything, and I do mean everything, is slowly heading back to that very first page of code some kid wrote as he started to build his ‘Virtual World of Mayhem’ game. He’s had a major re-coding job on his hands since he sadly made a monumental coding error as he started on page two, all our time ago,  that resulted in an  unintended and catastrophic big bang……

I hasten to add that, although I may believe the above, I can no more prove it than I can prove a nine year-old seeing someone sucking on a straw will make ‘em steal a tenner from their folks and rush down town to buy a pack of Woodbines.
{Note; As we travel forward back to the beginning of the kids re-written code we may well find the answer to that on page three.}

In other unrelated news, unless they’re all part of a failed 3D print run, now that gals gone, after what seems like six months of ‘drawing lines’ and ‘moving ons’, it’s fascinating to see a guy who’s put up what, to me, seem like reasonable arguments worthy of consideration relating to that really fast but slow train-set - has been fired.

So Dave, you tried your bestest to hang on to Milly the Dip despite huge public outcry, but fire a voice of reasoned argument the public could’ve been receptive of and able to relate to. Yo, Dave!! You getting any oxygen in that bubble?

Quote;  Jarod Kintz.

“I live my life by a code. I drew on the Magna Carta for inspiration. It may have been the most expensive doodle ever. The British Library kicked me out, and threatened to prosecute me if they couldn’t repair the documents.”


A K Haart said...

The Slog post reads like cobblers to me. If 3D printing was that good, somebody would use one to print 3D printers for all their mates.

In a week, the whole world would have one.

Mac said...

That's a very good point. Now, should I feel sad or safer?