11 Apr 2014

And Then A Tune….

Play this, sorry, not this; ‘play this’ refers to the bit in blue wot comes later, or further down, whichever description you prefer. Play it  and I’m sure it’ll kick any ‘downer’ you may be experiencing right now way into touch.

Try to get past wot looks like the two folk ‘playing’ those blowie sticks appear not to be actually blowing through or over their respective sticks. Nor do the bow girls look to be stroking their strings with the bows. Hay, is that Godfrey Bloom on keyboards and mixing cocktails? How cool is that then?

On the other hand, and not for the first time, I may well be missing something completely. All I can say is, whoever is making the noise from wherever they are, it be good noise.

Pardon? Yea, I know the title features the word ‘polka’ again. Just one more thing to get past, okay? Get past all that and you have a sound that’ll break the chains on your brains, pick you up, shake you all about and get your weekend off to a jolly fine start. Man, this’d get a corps clapping along!  See? It’s even got you tapping your feet! Waaaaiiit a minute!! They’re my feet…….

It’s what? Eight o’clock and you’ve all gone out already? Oh.

Quote;  Thomas Beecham.

“It is quite untrue that British people don't appreciate music. They may not understand it but they absolutely love the noise it makes.”


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