22 Mar 2014

And Then We Go Into Stealth Mode….

Along with my new ‘hobby’ I’ve also found a new find, Vapingpoint and from there I sallied forth to the wonder of Clear Steam. Clear what now? Yup, vaping without the vapour. How cool could that be then when you’re out with your buds and end up, unsurprisingly, in a none-smoking and none-vaping establishment. No smell, no ‘smoke’, no nothing, no problem, right?  Catch me if you can!!

As I commented over there, those popping noises you can hear way off in the distance are thousands of righteous heads exploding in utter frustration.

It’s of no great consequence to me but it’s going to be absolutely priceless watching the ban-it-before-it-begins brigade squeal like little piggy's ‘till they figure out some fare-fetched reason and method to ban Clear Steam. “We need to be able to see the vapour so we can stop you vaping!”

It’ll have to be something along that rationale as there’s no visible breathing out of vapour so they’re going to be limited in their options. Ban breathing out? Pretty much a none-starter I’d suggest.  Ban anything going anywhere near anyone’s mouth? Bummer for the food trade and the little old lady sucking on a cheesy stick with her small sweet sherry. And for the guy chewing on his pen while trying to figure out twelve across, third letter ‘J’.  I do believe ‘they’ have a problem. You little beauty!

Then there’s the regular who used to come to the inn every day and sit by the fire, nursing a gill, struggling with his writing. He was wrestling with the words to convey the picture in his head and was pensively sucking on the fluffy end of his quill while desperately racking his brain for inspiration.

The Innkeepers daughter, fully aware of all the by-laws relating to not being allowed to do anything, attracted her fathers attention with surreptitious nods and glances towards the writer and the proximity to his mouth of an item that could quite possibly be a stealth vaping implement.

The Innkeeper reacted immediately, shouting across the Inn, “OUT damned Billy; OUT I say!!”
William looked up with one of those eureka moments written all over his face, thanked the Innkeeper profusely, winked even more profusely at the Innkeepers daughter, switched off his goose quill stealth vaperator and left the premises. The rest, as they say, is history.

Sadly, William never credited the Innkeeper with his part in the formulation of that classic line and, as William found fame and fortune, the Innkeeper spent the rest of his life in obscurity. The Innkeepers daughter, however, went on to find fame, and some notoriety, after featuring in several short stories and numerous bawdy ballads.

In conclusion, it seems the sadder ‘they’ get – the sadder it makes us. For a country that built an empire to now have adults reduced to getting excited, and include me here by the way, at the prospect of being able to ‘get one over’ some jobsworth by stealth vaping and, well, you have to feel it just can’t get any sadder. Sadly, you and I know, with one hundred percent certainty, that the next sad thing, a sad thing that’s even sadder than the last sad thing, is already in some sad persons ‘Pending’ tray and ready to go. How sad is that?

Quote;  José Martí.

“The first duty of a man is to think for himself.”

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