24 Mar 2014

And Then My Head Is Raided….

Just a thought regarding the recently announced pension changes which have resulted in lots of voices declaring that old folk really can’t be trusted with their own money and many will go an’ blow a wedge buying lamborghinis and such. Come on people, get real already!! Honestly, how can anyone begrudge the aged, after a lifetime of work and modest saving, spoiling themselves with the occasional plate o’ pasta? Pardon? It’s not pasta? It’s a what now? Whoa! Want one!!

You’re probably wondering why a post with ‘Head’ in the titled has been padded out with pasta. Read on and all will become scarily clear.

Whilst sleeping soundly last night, a seed of a post popped into my head and I was suddenly wide awake, well, ajar awake, thinking it through. Today, prior to typing out the post, which was pre-recorded in my head, I checked a few ‘daily read’ Blogs. This resulted in me having nothing to type as my stuff is already out there.

This leads me to believe that they, using forces not yet fully understood, snuck into my head, had a rummage around, found my post recording and snuck back out with it. Them leaving and slamming the door is quite possibly what ajard me awake last night. Nothing else seems to be missing although it’s hard to tell if anything’s missing from an already empty vessel.

By the way, while our top boys an’ girls huff an’ puff in a valiant attempt to bore Vlad the Inhaler and the big bogy bear into submission, as they calmly continue to go about their business, winning many friends along the way, don’t you find it a tad scary that, on our side, we have a guy with the title of Supreme Allied Commander Europe, by the name of General Breedlove? Isn’t that just a tad too close to Strangelove for comfort?

All that remains is for me to do is point you  to probably where you’ve already been.

Readwald must’ve been first in my head for a rummage as this was wot I was thinking while a-slumber. 

And Snouts In The Trough doesn’t trust our news outlets. I’m quietly confident he’s not alone. 

Quote;  Ann Coulter.

“If liberal propaganda didn't work, it would be impossible to comprehend bimbo starlets and uneducated slobs attacking the intelligence of the man who won the Cold War.”


A K Haart said...

"...prior to typing out the post, which was pre-recorded in my head"

This happens to me, but I've usually forgotten them by morning. I have a suspicion they were rubbish anyway.

Mac said...

Have you ever considered you may also occasionally be the victim of a low ebb, early hours mind mugging? These muggers are damn cleaver and you’re often blissfully unaware of the event ‘till you read an obscure Blog, sometimes days later, and think, “Hay, wait a minute....”