1 Mar 2014

And Then, How Long Have I Got….

If you bob into Dick Puddlecote’s place you’ll find a couple of links for smokers and e-cigarette users. I’m an e-cig user by the way; never touch tobacco. Filthy habit. Haven’t touched it since November.

I’m drawn to articles relating to e-cigarettes purely to do my best to keep a handle on how long I’ve got ‘till some group of joyless jerks finally ‘gets their message through’ and has them banned or made prohibitively expensive. It’ll be interesting watching this unfold as to how they present the banning, or pricing out of existence, of a possible life saver and leave cigarettes, a known killer, in situ. Follow the what? Oh do stop it!!  It’s health. That’s all they’re concerned with. Peoples health, right? On the other hand……

Seems to me the favourite front runner for the regulation, as a first step in banning them, is the ‘gateway for the young’ argument. The young will try an e-cigarette, like it and whizz down to the corner shop to buy a pack of fags. Really? Price no object then?

How do they reckon that works? Do these kids think; I quite enjoy this e-ciggy thingy and it’s only costing me buttons a day. You know what? I guess I’ll take up the real thing and get the same effect plus a bucket of tar and four thousand odd scary chemicals and I’ll pay an absolute shed load more for that. Oh, and a creepy picture of some road kill on the box. Okay, hold it right there!! I need to think about this for a heart-beat I guess.

A gateway to the smoking room? It’s doubtful anybody could get in anyway owing to the reported rush of smokers coming out the way to the  cheap, relative safety of the e-cigarette room. Another reason to follow the what now?

The very bad boys and girls? The very bad boys and girls will smoke. The very bad boys and girls where always going to smoke come hell, high water or a hundred quid a pack.

That was boring for Saturday wasn’t it? Okay, here’s a quick jolly!! Is this the best Homer Simpson clip? {There’s even a guy smoking!!}

Quote;  Frank Zapper.

“Well, I'm not here to impinge on anybody else's lifestyle. If I'm in a place where I know I'm going to harm somebody's health or somebody asks me to please not smoke, I just go outside and smoke. But I do resent the way the non-smoking mentality has been imposed on the smoking minority. Because, first of all, in a democracy, minorities do have rights. And, second, the whole pitch about smoking has gone from being a health issue to a moral issue, and when they reduce something to a moral issue, it has no place in any kind of legislation, as far as I'm concerned.”


A K Haart said...

"Is this the best Homer Simpson clip?"

Yes, although there are many classics.

Mac said...

Very true but, as they say, this one works on so many levels.