2 Mar 2014

And Then A {Late} Song….

This is kind o’ strange. As you’ll note from a couple of paragraphs down, which was originally the first paragraph, I glued this together and posted it on Friday. Today I see it’s not to be seen so I thought, ‘What went wrong there then?’  I’ve no idea what went wrong but it’s obviously Google’s fault as the likelihood of it having anything to do with me clicking the wrong clicky bitty is so remote as to be the obvious answer.

Anyhoo, just say Sunday to yourself when you get to the Friday bit and everything should work the same as it would’ve done on Friday – even though it’s Sunday. If, however, any of you click the link below and find yourselves back in Friday, enjoy your weekend again and please try to get a message forward to me on Sunday and let me know as it could prove to be a development of some importance. Thanks. And remember not to touch anything while you’re back there or we may not be here when you get back to Sunday, okay?

Although I could’ve just change ‘Friday’ to ‘Sunday’, I’m sure you’ll agree this was far more fun.

It's Friday {THAT’S IT!! That’s the place you say ‘Sunday’, okay?} so may I point you in the direction of a little song wot’s got it all covered. A little oilfield, a little country and a little story. That is, of course, if any of those three interest you at all. Trust me, you’ll like the story.

Captain Ranty, I’m sure you’ll relate to this number - along with all you out there who, like me, were, or are, idiots I suppose…. 

Quote;  Pablo Picasso.

“What one does is what counts. Not what one had the intention of doing.”

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