18 Feb 2014

And Then It’s All In An Word....

If you are to be taken an careful looking at wot the reporter writed down as that lady has saying, I'm can't help but to be much with agreementing at her comment.

A senior European Commission politician attacked the standards of British schools as a Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development was published.

It’s a interesting lessons. What you be thinking isn’t always what comes out the ends of your fingers. Or am I just being two pedantic?

This is an linkage to it.

Whoa!! Now it’s sinkholes!! What’s causing these then? I’m assuming it’s a combination of global warming and second-hand cigarette smoke, right?

Two sinkhole bits from the on-line Daily Mail I quite like;

A spokeswoman said: 'There are no occupiers in the property and a dog has been successfully rescued.’

Some of these sinkhole suckers can be deep but this lucky homeowner seems to be the winner of a high hole;

‘…..a sinkhole twice the height of a double-decker bus appeared in her garden….’

Quote;  Joseph Conrad.

“Writing in English is like throwing mud at a wall.”


A K Haart said...

What we need to find out is how many European Commissioners would fit in a sinkhole.

Caratacus said...

Well, AKH, assuming the use of a large pile-driver in the middle and several large and unsympathetic gentlemen equipped with sledge-hammers at the perimeter, and given the size of the commissioners' stupid fat heads ... I reckon we could get one in. At a squeeze.

Mac said...

To calculate how many European Commissioners would fit in a sinkhole, if we take the second Mail Piece as a starting point, we need to come up with a formula that uses the the total capacity of a double-decker bus as the constant. Not sure about the 'constant' bit as my maths gets progressively shaky with the passing years. And that's from a pretty shaky starting point!

Mac said...

Gentlemen, we just need to amend the constant to be the number of drivers on a double-decker bus.