19 Feb 2014

And Then, The Answer….

Further to my question yesterday relating to what could be causing all these sinkholes to be popping up, or down, all over the place, the answer is right there in front of us and rather than the main media outlets reporting it, it takes, as usual, The Daily Mash to keep us informed. Man, that one’s so damn obvious.

They also have an interesting take on e-cigarettes which is quite spooky so soon after my most successful, still going strong, with absolutely zero urge to hit a proper smoke, switch to that ‘healthy’ alternative.

Rebekah Brooks? Tony Blair? So, not only do we have young Dave, ‘The Heir to Blair’, we also have Rebekah Brooks ‘The Hair and Blair’. As a by-the-by, just imagine the recording kit you could secrete about the voluminous curls of that red mop!

Quote;  Kenneth Grahame.

“The Mole had long wanted to make the acquaintance of the Badger. He seemed, by all accounts, to be such an important personage and, though rarely visible, to make his unseen influence felt by everybody about the place.”

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