14 Jan 2014

And Then They’ll Be Late Home….

So that man’s boat wot was chartered by a bunch of strange fellows who wanted to show us all how warm the world is, that promptly got stuck in the ice and then asked for help from another man’s boat that also got stuck in the ice wot then got help from another man’s boat which was diverted to lend assistance from its primary task of doing a summer resupplying and crew change run for a proper scientific community, is still playing out way down south.

Earlier, first man’s boat was informed, after a request, by independent weather forecasters that in four or five days wind speeds and direction would most likely facilitate conditions enabling men's boats to manoeuvre to open water. This, indeed, came to pass but not before, despite this information, but noting a marked depletion in milkshake and scotch stocks and a sort of, ‘I want to go home NOW!!’ attitude, a motley assortment of scientists{?}, media types, {or should that just be Tweeter types?}  and several supernumeraries were ‘rescued’ from first man’s boat  by third man’s boat using a chopper from second man’s boat. {Is that roughly right?}

All that to say this. First man’s boat is now snug as a bug in port in New Zealand. However, the ‘rescued’ trippies from first man’s boat are still ‘stuck’ down there sitting on third man’s boat waiting and waiting and waiting while the resupply work, being conducted by grownups, continues during suitable weather windows. Don’t that just make you smile out loud?

Quote;  Eskimo Proverb.

“You never really know your friends from your enemies until the ice breaks.”

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