15 Jan 2014

And Then, A Message From Above….

Via a link in a comment to a post at No Tricks Zone, I found an article wot I haven’t read and, having progressed to the bit I draw attention to below, probably won’t. This piece had, right at the top, a photograph from which I’ve chopped this little bit;


Why did I chop a little bit? It’s just a jolly Greenpeace boat in the Arctic ice, right? And? Well, nothing. Other than the bit wot caught my eye and made me shake my head in wonderment because the writer, who was possibly considering the average age of his readership,  feels it’s necessary to explain that the boat was……… can you guess? Can you?  If you’re a grownup I’m betting you can. The boat was,    “……….photographed from the air.”

You know what? And I don’t want to brag about this but, even as dumb as I be, I’d figured that out before I got to those helpful words but if those helpful words are a fore-taste of the rest of the piece, I’ll pass.

Quote;  Oscar Wilde.

“By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.”

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