3 Jan 2014

And Then Summer Went South….

I’m full sure you’ve all been following the saga of man’s boat trapped in summer time, ‘no ice to see here; sail on’.

I’m also sure you’ve already been to the class act that’s NoTricksZone for the latest news and updates. That link is to the bit where some press guy, with the catchy name Alvin Stone, says it’s because of stuff getting so much warmer that caused the two or three meter thick ice to form round man’s boat – or, as it’s transpiring, men’s boats. It’s just ice from before wots been floating about without melting and then, right at the wrong time, all got blown back together again. Bummer, eh?

As a by-the-by, am I alone in noting that anyone who has anything even remotely to do with that man-made global changing climate confusion stuff has a puss you’d never, ever tire of slapping? Why is that? I’m sure they’re really nice folk, or could be after a jolly good slapping to slap some sense into their muddled minds.

If I’ve got this right, and it’s getting tricky to keep up to date, there are now two men’s boats stuck in this latest outbreak of  ‘soon there’ll be no more ice at the poles’. I’m sure they’ll get ‘em out with a little time, a bit of favourable wind and good seamanship but, as I was always taught, what if……… What if the winds refuse to shift? What if these ships remain firmly glued in the ice? What if the pressure of the ice builds on the ships hulls? What if rivets start popping – okay, welds start tearing?
In the event of the onset of structural damage, how many klicks of bulk hose will they need, with intermediate pumping units, to transfer  their fuel and lubes to other ice free ships so as to prevent spillage? All done before the possible break-up of the trapped vessels would be good I guess.

They’d have to do it, right? How could they live with  headlines like, Environmentalists Expedition Results In Oil Pollution Of Previously Pristine Polar Region.

Is this a little ray of sunshine or wot?

Quote;  Jarod Kintz.

“If I offer you a glass of water, and bring back a cup of ice, I’m trying to teach you patience. And also that sometimes you get ice with no water, and later you’ll get water with no ice. Ah, but that’s life, no? ”

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