1 Jan 2014

And Then A Meet And Greet….

I see Mr Vaz and Mr Reckless popped out today, like the jolly good guys they want us to believe they are, to meet and greet Mr Spirescu at Luton Airport. Can it get any more heart warming than that then?

Looks like Mr Spirescu got a new hat for the occasion but, unfortunately, neglected to remove the price tag. It’s also worthy of note, with a little more concern, that  Mr Reckless, an MP for somewhere, lived up to his name and turned up for the photo opportunity with what appears to be a small plastic propeller attached to his nose.Meet

I can well imagine Mr Spirescu franticly checking his ticket to confirm he’d rolled up in the right country after being confronted by an Asian fellow, who seemed to be in charge of everything, and a guy called Reckless with a plastic propeller glued to his nose.

Mr Spirescu was most likely hoping for rescue from this scary encounter and may well decide not to remain-‘ere as he struggles with the notion that, contrary to his expectations, the signs would  seem to suggest it could possibly costa lot to stay.

{There are a thousand words in every picture.}

Quote;  Kim Edwards.

“Photography is all about secrets. The secrets we all have and will never tell.”

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