31 Dec 2013

And Then Yet Another Passes By….

May I, from this side of the Foggy Mirror, wish one and all the very best for the New year and may all you hope for come to pass. Remember to stay true to this phony old chestnut:
Illegitimi non carborundum.
Go on. Smile back at ‘em. Trust me, it drives ‘em nuts!

How about starting the evening with a smile? Once again, I have to thank big ‘D’ for wot I’ve glued below. I’ve just said I have to so I’d better do it; thanks big ‘D’.


And lastly for 2013, if you’re planning on going into celebration mode tonight, remember this may well lead to a very shabby recovery mode tomorrow so it could be in your best interest to check this out before you be going out. 
Me and her? Leave the security of the sofa? Are you nuts?

Have good days people and remember these foolish folk when you ask for ice in your drink.

Quote;  James Agate.

“New Year's Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time.”


Captain Ranty said...

Best wishes for 2014 Mac.

Let's do it all again next year!


Mac said...

Let me check my calendar. Mmmmm. Okay, let's do it again then!!

Caratacus said...

Thanks for taking the trouble to make me laugh, Mac. Looking forward to 2014 - may all your dreams, except one, come true.

Mac said...

Caratacus, very best wishes to you Sir and may I humbly direct you to this classic that expresses similar sentiments;

Caratacus said...

Thank you Mac - I've had that little gem framed and hung in the 'summer house' for a wee while now (shed where I keep the bows, arrows, old computer filled with music, and various other oddments collected over many years of misbehaviour).

Would have liked to have invited old Archibald to dinner, had we coincided :-)

Mac said...

This does not surprise me at all and the link was offered as a 'just in case.' As you say, a little gem!