5 Jan 2014

And Then More Summer Ice….

Further to the continuing saga of men’s boats stuck in the Antarctic, I was doing my best to keep up by consulting WUWT.

Many of the comments to the linked piece kind of loose the plot and several have obviously been submitted by folk even further behind the curve than myself. However, I ploughed on, looking for those, usually hiding in plane sight, comment gems.

After a long, and at times frustrating, but always entertaining search, there it was!

There it was and this is it and my prime choice in the piece has been enboldened and is a little gem tucked nicely within the folds of a bigger gem. America is the focus – for me, the UK{?} the West{?} works just as well.

Now it just remains for me to, yet again, offer my thanks to the originator for writing it and apologise for copying it from there to here;

aleb says:
January 4, 2014 at 7:52 pm

“I like how the Chinese discuss what they will do in the worst case scenario, and their ship is hopelessly trapped. They will save the lives of the crew before the dead of winter, and leave the ship to its fate. They don’t expect that to happen, but are honest about what they will do if the unexpected happens.

Such honesty once was a characteristic of Americans. What has become of us, that our media and our political leaders cower so, in the face of Truth?

When I was a small boy in the 1950′s I was told that George Washington never told a lie, and that, even as a small boy, he confessed to chopping down his father’s cherry tree, when asked.

However my children were told, “There is no proof George Washington ever said that. That story is spin, and propaganda, which is the norm and the way of the world.”

Is it any wonder we now have a generation that has little regard for the Truth? However the problem with such a cynical attitude towards Truth is that, as any engineer knows, Truth is reality, and if you don’t respect reality it will loom up and bite you. (Even if you respect reality, Murphy’s Law will hit you, but if you are disrespectful you get not just Murphy, but his thousand relatives.)

This farce we are witnessing down along the Antarctic coast is simply a case of people reaping what they have sown. Their flagrant disregard for Truth is their Chicken Littles coming home to roost.

If an engineer disregards a crucial truth his design will crash and burn or, even if it survives fair weather, it will be a “Galloping Gertie” when winds get strong. He stands to face the blame for a bad design.

However when a non-engineer designs a lead balloon, and it will not fly, they never face the blame. That would involve facing the Truth, and Truth is something they abhor. Amazingly, if you analyze their excuses, what they blame for their failures is Truth itself.

They blame fossil fuels, and progress, and those things that uplift mankind, and every honest engineer ever born. They blame religious people, and hard working blue collar types, and the history of mankind, and old-fashioned morality. They sneer at tradition, insistent they are progressive, however Truth is not a thing you can progress beyond. All you can do is deny it.

These people are the true deniers, and rather than laughing at the absurdity of this dunderheaded Antarctic exploit we should all be shuddering in fear, for these bozos have a grip on the reins of humanity’s destiny.

Once it was America that spoke the Truth, and across the Iron Curtain people tuned into “Radio Free Europe” (at great personal risk,) to hear the Truth.

How our forefathers must be rolling in their graves. For now, if we want an honest answer, we don’t listen to our own media. We listen to the Chinese.”

Quote;  Apsley Cherry-Garrard.

“Take it all in all, I do not believe anybody on Earth has it worse than an Emperor penguin.”


A K Haart said...

I agree with that comment. Whenever I try to research a climate issue I have to wade through so much propaganda and outright lying that I sometimes give up in disgust.

Mac said...

Remember, we can always rely on the BBC. Rely on them for a constant output of propaganda, outright lying and the more subtle lying by omission.
On this particular subject, and BBC involvement, they are saying so very little and this is telling us so very much.

Caratacus said...

Thank you for finding that post Mac ... first class.

Mac said...

My pleasure Caratacus. I'd sure like to shake authors hand.
I may print it and post it to a few MP's.....