6 Jan 2014

And Then, Windmill Ghosts….

I must apologise to the commenter who’s comment I pasted here yesterday. Seems I can’t even get a simple copy and paste task right. Makes me feel just like a proper reporter! The guys, or guyesses name is Caleb and not, as I pasted, aleb. So sorry. And so obviously wrong first time out.

Next up, via the good Bishop Hill I found my way to a place for the reading of the linked article. This article, relating to wind turbine gearboxes and the ghost therein, really needs reading and can be found at BilloTheWisp, a new place to me but a site I’ve now linked to. Go take a look round. You’ve gotta love his top right graphic and caption, “Billothewisps photogenic side”. That alone is worth a link and a drink. Brilliant!

Then, upon doing a little exploring over at Billo’s place I found this simple and interesting little movie. Have I seen it before? I’m not sure but it do make a very quiet, far away bell sounding sound in my head.

Quote;  Jarod Kintz.

“Every time the wind blows I think of her. I wonder if I could generate electricity off my yearning. Maybe a mind wind farm of some kind. Hopefully I could provide enough power for all the lonely people in my bathtub to stay warm.”

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