30 Jan 2014

And Then The Car….

Did you see that lady MP, who’s name was instantly forgettable, on TV this lunchtime? Talking about a proposal to ban smoking in cars when kids are on-board? Words came out of her mouth for a while then the man MP, who had a similarly easily forgettable name, mentioned if this goes through it’ll just be a matter of time before caravans come to the fore for the banning brigade.

The lady one gave the man one a look like she thought he was completely off the wall for suggesting such a stupid thing. “Absolutely not. It’s only cars ‘coz they’re small and nothing more. We don’t want to ban things just for the sake of banning things!” Or words to that effect said with a surprisingly straight face. To hear her proper words go here at about 27.4

As mentioned before, it seems like only yesterday we were told that all ‘they’ wanted to stop was smoking in bars and restaurants and talk of a ‘slippery slope’ was just plain ridiculous. As, indeed, was talk of plain packaging……

You know what? ‘They’ were right. ‘They’ never took us  anywhere near the  ‘slippery slope’.  ‘They’ bypassed that sucker altogether and pushed us all straight off piste! And here we are, on our unmarked skis, careening at an undignified banning speed towards the four F’s of fat, fast food and fizzy drinks, momentarily zipping over to take out the ever popular sugar and alcohol then back over to demonize e-cigarettes. All done with one eye on the ultimate prize of banning anything anyone else may enjoy.

{Shouldn’t ‘EastEnders’ be on their list?}

Quote;  Abraham Lincoln.

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”


A K Haart said...

It's a puzzle this one.

Cars are a contributory factor in lots of deaths. Smoking in cars isn't.

Mac said...

Now that, Sir, is an excellent point!