27 Jan 2014

And Then Pop Goes The Spot….

You have to feel so sorry for those poor water dwellers down Somerset the ways but let me tell ya, I’ve had problems of my own!!

In the kitchen there are six recessed lights. These lights are of the mushroom lookin’ spot or flood type lamps, or bulbs as we’re wont to call them.  I believe I’ve only had to change one of these screw in lamps since moving here.

Yesterday I was witness to something I’ve never seen before.

Round about teatime her indoors and I prepared to the kitchen to see if the cupboards were still bare or if they’d miraculously replenished themselves.*

I went in. She followed me in. I hit the light-switch. The lights came on. Instantly there was a very loud ‘POP’. One of the lamps, rather than popping and dying, as bulbs are wont to do, exploded into a gazillion bits of glass and reflective material! Quite spectacular!

Fortunately, I was well clear of this exploding lamp. Unfortunately, my little nest of vipers was standing directly below the big bang bulb. As I broke out in loud laughter, having ascertained no injuries had been sustained, she broke out into a diatribe of foreign words, enunciated as only foreign people can enunciate foreign words, seemingly all strung together, spoken quite loudly and  all accompanied with uncoordinated hand flapping. With my raucous laughter and her loud, long foreign word usage, anyone outside happening to hear us would’ve been forgiven for thinking they were passing the hyena house of a small safari park.

Slowly, as my laughter subsided and her indoors ran out of foreign words suitable for expressing her feelings towards bulbs that go bang above her head, we surveyed our surroundings.

I would never have believed one mushroom lookin’ lamp could contain that amount of glass when seen spread about in bits of less than a millimetre square.  That’s not taking into account what her indoors had hidden in her hair by the way. Needless to say, the clean-up took forever. Actually, it took a couple of hours so the last sentence was, indeed, needlessly said. It took considerably longer to ensure her hair was finally glass particle free. Some time was lost in this endeavour as I tried various lighting effects on her head, some of which resulted in quite spectacular reflective results.

Now what to do? Get a new mushroom lamp? I’m guessing it’d have to be new as I don’t believe they sell used bulbs at this time. Problem with that is even if I spent from now ‘till November I’d never convince her that a mushroom lamp is never going to explode on us again so, just in case we decided to do other stuff between now and then, we went and got LED spots to replace all the mushrooms.

Boy!! Are those LED spot suckers expensive or wot!! On the plus side, according to the packaging, these guys will still be pouring forth their mediocre light long after my main fuse has finally blown.

*The cupboards were bare.

Quote;  Lucinda Williams.

“So few people are truly themselves when they're in the spotlight.”


Ripper said...

Expensive they may be Mac, but they should pay for themselves in no time really. I've just replaced every bulb in the house with LED. For example, in the kitchen/diner there are two spotlight fittings, one taking 4xGU10 50w bulbs and the other 3xGU10 50w bulbs. That's a total wattage of 350 watts. The GU10 LED bulbs are 3.5w each, a total wattage of 24.5 watts. Some difference eh? And that's just the kitchen. Not to mention they will last around 50,000 hours of use. I love the cool white.

Ripper said...

Forgot to say, the 'glass' is actually plastic, so your good lady will be pleased to know there are no explosions there.

Smoke Machine for Sale said...

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Mac said...

Thanks for that Ripper. Interesting and good points. Sadly, I have to admit I didn’t realise you could get LED lamps with a conventional ‘bulb’ look and regular bayonet fitting.
I may well embark on a gradual change-out. I have to admit the light in the kitchen is a little easier on my old eyes but, what’s far more important, my little kitchen dweller prefers the ‘new’ light. We seem to have a winner!!

Ripper said...

If you do decide to go for the change-out, these people are quite good. They may not be quite the cheapest around but the bulbs are higher than average quality and are guaranteed. The 5w corn bulbs are a good replacement for ordinary 60w bayonet (B22) caps.


B&Q sell a range of LED bulbs a little cheaper but they are very limited on wattage and type, and they only sell warm white.

Mac said...

Ripper, Thanks for that link; I'll probably be 'shopping' right there. I really appreciate your help and suggestions.