28 Oct 2013

And Then A Sadly Lost ‘Y’….

I’ve been Sitting here reflecting on the headline ‘news’ over the past few days and I came to realise we’ve lost a letter.

If you’re old enough, or recently been to a school wot taught history, you should be familiar with a couple or three words that used to be used in relation to this here island.  Remember great as in Great Britain? How about the oft used phrase of yore, the Mighty British Empire.

What happened to ‘mighty’? You still with me? You see what someone’s stolen? Here’s a clue;
”Wear white at night or you might get knocked off you’re bike.”
”When it’s very cold, you might feel warmer if you pull a woolly-pully on.”
”Don’t go out in the rain; you might get wet.”
”Don’t go out in the sun; you might get burned.”
“Oh, what the hay. We’re closing England on Monday ‘cause it might be windy.”  ***

See? Someone stole the ‘Y’ from ‘mighty’ and just left us with ‘might’. 
By stealing the ‘Y’ away we’ve been transformed from a country, and peoples, who could face and overcome any adversity to a country only fit for Timidadians.
From, ”It may not work but we’ll give it a mighty good go!” To, “Better not. Just in case. You never know, something might go wrong. Better to be timid than try.”  How sad is that?

***  ”Excuse me; be you Mr Drake? Mr Francis Drake? Mr Sir Francis Drake?”
”That I be.”
”Pleased to meet you. I’m from the government. I have it on good authority you might to go to sea today. Whatever that may mean. Is that correct?”
”Very average to meet you also and, yes, I am planning that; that I am. I have foreigners to beat off from these fair shores and the world to circumnavigate.”
”Well, that’s as may be, but I’ve been sent here to tell you not to go out there today as there might be a jolly wicked wind on the way from the West.”
”Wind you say? That’s mighty interesting. May I encroach upon a moment of your very important governmental time?”
”Encroach for a moment you may my good fair weather fellow.”
”Mighty happy with that I be. You see those mighty boats down there on that watery stuff?”
”Er… Yup. Got ya. And?”
”You see all those masts?”
”Oh. Right. Forgot. Government man. You see all those big sticky-up sticks with sticky out bits that are on all the boats?”
”With you now. I do indeed see those sticky-up sticks. And?”
”You see all those sails?”
”Sales? You’re selling them?” 
”Oh. Right. Forgot. Government man. ”You see all those white sheet lookin’ thingies a hangin’ an’ a flappin’ off the sticky out bits?”
“Flappy stuff. Let me see now. Flappy stuff. Got Ya!! Hay, you drying laundry?”
”Sails. They’re the sails.”
”The sails. Right. And?”
”They’re what makes mans boats move.”
”Whoa! Cleaver! How does that work then?”
”An… Oh.”
”See you after I’ve wandered the world a while. I’m guessing you might still be standing there. Bu-by.”

Bringing up the rear and sticking with the water, fancy a trip with Barrett’s Privateers? No? Up to you I guess… Bu-by.

Quote;  Bruce Barton

“It takes a real storm in the average person's life to make him realize how much worrying he has done over the squalls.”

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