31 Oct 2013

And Then Some Words….

It seems that every time I’ve turned on the TV this past week Crazy Davey’s been on. Thus today, as I sat down with an early lunch, there he was again, looking like a poorly groomed King Edward potato, pouring forth hundreds of words as he presented{?} the much anticipated and eagerly awaited governmental annual statement on energy. Sadly, it made absolutely no impression whatsoever on my list of exciting stuff to do on Thursdays and didn’t even break into the top ten thus leaving ‘Putting The Trash Out For Collection’ to continue it’s phenomenally successful run at number one!

No, he wasn’t using a signal lamp, and he wasn’t necessarily vocally transmitting faster than I could receive, however, it didn’t matter how I arranged and repeatedly rearranged his words, the end result was the same - they meant absolutely nothing to me. It meant as much to me as Einstein's Theory of what a relative is – or whatever it was Einstein did and said.

In regards to some voting later today, regarding weather there should be some future voting regarding a vote for or against instigating further investigation regarding an all party agreement to go ahead and vote for or against the proposal for or against the building of a new train set, based loosely on a high-tech Victorian idea, may I humbly reprint a bit from before? Thanks. It’s not the bit below – it’s two times down.

Tell you what, to make it easy, the bit I’m talking about above is below in blue. It’s also now three times down. Counting this bit……

I’m sure, probably well before this new line is completed, folk will be entering their destination details into their Google or Apple wrist teleporters or at the least meeting holographically in their holographic meeting rooms in the cloud. That last one is almost with us now, right?

A tad far fetched? Okay, here’s another slightly further away and farer fetched thought. {I was going to start a new paragraph here but if I’d done that, I’d of had to go all the way back up, find the ‘three’ I typed in earlier instructions and change it to ‘four’, and you know what? I just couldn’t be bothered so that’s why this is a very long paragraph. I hope it doesn’t detract too much from your reading experience but it saved me a bit of time as I don’t have to change that ‘three’ to a ‘four’.} Anyhoo, now the Chinese are our new bestest ever friends and are going to help us go newclear again, why not convince them of the huge advantages for them, and us, if they were to just keep adding magnets to that there Maglev thingy of theirs ‘till they see a sign saying Birmingham. Or even better, Inverness. There. Sorted. 
“The six twenty Maglev, Inverness to Shanghai, will leave Platform two in twenty minutes, stopping briefly at Doncaster and terminating in Shanghai. Those passengers who neglected
to pre-book meals and drinks or forgot to bring sandwiches and a thermos – bummer.”

“By the time the first business man climbs aboard this train, ‘couse he missed his flight last night, along with the confused old train buff who thought he was getting on the 3:10 To Yuma, I feel sure, given the pace of technological advances, China or Taiwan or Singapore or somewhere over there, will announce a breakthrough in teleportation - achieved at a fraction of the cost of our shiny new, EU compliant but sadly, in light of this announcement, redundant railway set.”

Quote;  Jarod Kintz.

“I can remember the first time I saw a train whistle, I thought, “Boy, those are some big lips.”

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